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We have 168 Environmental Engineering PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Development of a mobile urban cement plant

One issue for reusing construction/demolition waste (CDW) in cement clinker manufacture is establishing the supply chains and the associated transportation costs from urban areas to cement plants. Read more

Recruitment of 15 Faraday Institution PhD researchers for October 2022 start

The Faraday Institution is funding a number of its partner universities to recruit 15 talented individuals to become part of its PhD training programme in October 2022 and join the existing 56-strong PhD researcher group. Read more

EngD in Increasing the Use of Scrap Steel - Challenges and Opportunities

  Research Group: Advanced Metallic Systems Centre for Doctoral Training
This project is based at the Department of Materials at the University of Sheffield, and is sponsored by Rolls Royce. We are seeking a UK national or candidate with Indefinate Leave to Remain in the UK, with a 2.1 or 1st class degree in a STEM discipline. Read more
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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Distributed gamma dosimetry with fibre-optic cables (Cavendish Nuclear and University of Strathclyde)

  Research Group: CDT in Applied Photonics
This project will develop fibre-optic sensors for remote, distributed gamma dosimetry. The aim is to use state-of-the-art approaches in sensor hardware and software development to produce a measurement system which can distinguish between gamma ray energies over a high measurement range. Read more

Education for Sustainability and Environmental Impact: The River Garry, a river lost?

This research project adopts an ecosystem services approach to the environment thereby recognising the different services afforded in terms of productivity, ecological support, environmental regulation, and cultural services, including human well-being. Read more

Micro-Bio-Mechanical Modelling of root growth in soils

The extent and the way roots grow in the ground is known to have a fundamental impact on the growth of crop plants as well as on the resistance to lodging induced by storms. Read more

Use of Recovered Toner Powder to Enhance Durability, Engineering and Sustainability Performance of Structural Concrete Elements

The working life of reinforced/prestressed concrete elements is often determined by serviceability limit state which is governed by the movement of harmful moisture into the structure and propagating/initiating corrosion of steel reinforcement. Read more

Understanding tree anchorage to make forests more resilient to climate change

Forests provide a multitude of ecosystem services. Furthermore, their ability to help regulate the atmosphere in terms of capturing and storing carbon means they are a key component in helping to battle climate change. Read more

Flood Propagation modelling

The mathematical modelling of flood propagation in rural and urban areas is typically carried out using numerical codes that solve with different approaches the so-called Shallow Water Equations (SWE), i.e. Read more

MINIMAL - Smoothed particle hydrodynamics for multiphase flow

Multiphase flows are encountered in most physical processes and engineering applications. The present project will look at the physics of the wave breaking at the beach, where the wave energy is dissipated generating air entrapment, and significant sediment transport. Read more

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