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We have 18 musculoskeletal PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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We have 18 musculoskeletal PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Musculoskeletal health in children

Poor musculoskeletal health is one of the greatest health burdens in Tasmania and worldwide. It is often perceived that poor health is all about aging, but nothing is less true. Read more

Musculoskeletal loading from a minimal wearable sensor system during rehabilitation

Project details. “In the future… training and rehabilitation programmes will use wearable and simple imaging technologies to estimate tissue level biomechanics derived from personalised neuromusculoskeletal modelling in real-time in the real-world. Read more

Predicting musculoskeletal loading from video during rehabilitation

Project details. Background. Knowledge of tissue-specific loads on the muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments of the human musculoskeletal system has implications for the prescription and monitoring of exercises across clinical, sporting, and occupational rehabilitation. Read more
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A computational modelling framework for understanding skeletal muscle adaptation

Musculoskeletal biomechanics is the analysis of how forces are transmitted through our bodies during locomotion. The main sources of force arise from locomotion that is driven by the skeletal muscles. Read more

Computational Neuromusculoskeletal Modelling

  Research Group: School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Musculoskeletal models are highly valuable in investigating musculoskeletal diseases, in particular in preventing and slowing the progression of different… Read more

AI based novel biomarkers discovery for diagnosing and grading the severity of spinal disorders with MRIs

We have an open full 3-year PhD studentship jointly funded by the University of Lincoln and MSK Doctors Ltd. The successful candidate will join the Laboratory of Vision Engineering, School of Computer Science, University of Lincoln, in close collaboration with MSK Doctors Ltd (. Read more
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PhD Studentship in Human-Systems Integration for Rail Freight

Overview. Rail Freight is key to decarbonisation and the economy. However, there are human performance risks in rail freight - safety risks to staff, and to the safe operation of freight on the rail network. Read more
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How does knee joint and meniscal tissue shape affect joint biomechanics and treatment choice?

  Research Group: School of Mechanical Engineering
This PhD offers training in multiple biomechanical research techniques, for an important musculoskeletal challenge. Over 4.5 million people in the UK have knee arthritis. Read more

Optimal hip implant design with additively manufactured porous structures

Worldwide the increase in the geriatric population with musculoskeletal problems and the increase in the incidence of sports injuries and traffic accidents are contributing to the growth of knee, hip, or spine surgeries. Read more

Risk factors for Injury in Womens Rugby

Women’s rugby has seen unprecedented growth and participation with 2.7 million female players involved globally. Rugby is a dynamic, physical, high-intensity activity with repetitive collisions, sprinting and running. Read more

Long term athlete development (LTAD) - Physiological profiling in athletic youth populations: a longitudinal study investigating gender considerations across stages of maturation and injury risk.

Increased investment in talent ID programmes to identify talented young athletes as early as possible (Koopmann et al., 2020) has promoted increased sports specialization at younger ages (Bell et al., 2016), with consequences being increased risk of psychological burn-out and musculoskeletal injury (DiFiori et al., 2014). Read more

Predictors of surgical outcomes in knee osteoarthritis

  Research Group: Nursing and Health
Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee is a common type of arthritis in Northern Ireland. A debilitating condition, sufferers report locking, grinding and instability of the knee, with severe difficulties in walking, standing, domestic and occupational activities. Read more

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