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We have 43 sport PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Carnegie School of Sport

RESEARCH THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Our research degrees are for people that want to solve problems. People who listen, and collaborate. Read more

Sport and the remaking of ‘race’ during the Black Lives Matter Movement SSEHS/ND

This study will examine sports role in the facilitation of athlete activism against racism across the Black diaspora (North America, UK, Western Europe) amongst the backdrop of BLM from a decolonial and intersectional perspective. Read more

Institute for Sport Business Research

PhD. 3 years full-time; 6 years part-time. MPhil. 2 years full-time; 4 years part-time. Entry Requirements. An honours degree [2:1 or above] or equivalent overseas qualification. Read more

Sport and Physical Activity: Exploring Measurement, Determinants and Correlates

Research promotes the important health and social benefits achieved through participation in sport and physical activity. The development and evaluation of interventions to promote sport and physical activity is a public health priority. Read more
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Promoting adolescent mental health awareness and self-care in sport: applying virtual reality technologies

  Research Group: Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience
There is mounting concern about the high prevalence of mental illness among adolescents. Early identification of mental health needs and the introduction of services have been shown to be effective in supporting young people from developing further illness. Read more

Computer Vision and Deep Learning during Sport Collisions

Injuries are a major problem in sport. We aim to understand the forces applied to the human body during injury events in sport, and how this canbe prevented based on biomechanical factors such as speed, player orientation and technique. Read more

Enhancing dietary intakes in team sport athletes for optimal health and performance (the EDIT study)

  Research Group: Biomedical Sciences
Nutrition plays a key role in athletic health and performance. Evidence suggests that team sport athletes, including rugby, football and Gaelic players, are not meeting their nutritional requirements, particularly in relation to energy, carbohydrate and key micronutrients e.g. Read more

An investigation into the effectiveness of Sport-based Interventions (SBIs) in preparing people in custody for life after prison.

  Research Group: Social Work and Social Policy
This project will explore the impact and efficacy of sport-based interventions in carceral settings in Northern Ireland in reducing reoffending, creating pathways to resettlement, and promoting processes of desistance from crime. Read more

Musculoskeletal loading from a minimal wearable sensor system during rehabilitation

Project details. “In the future… training and rehabilitation programmes will use wearable and simple imaging technologies to estimate tissue level biomechanics derived from personalised neuromusculoskeletal modelling in real-time in the real-world. Read more

Testing the efficacy and mechanisms of the 'gravitostat' as a tool to support long-term weight loss in people with obesity SSEHS/JAK/2

Obesity is disease that adversely affects the physical and mental health of many people in low- and high-income nations. Whilst progress has been made regarding lifestyle approaches supporting weight loss, weight regain remains a key clinical challenge. Read more

Boys will be boys? Exploring boys’ embodied identities within physical education SSEHS/OH/RS

Research has consistently identified how the reproduction of gendered bodily norms through PE – influenced by broader physical cultures – can shape young people’s ideas of ‘valued bodies’ (Aartun et al., 2022). Read more

Biomechanical Biofeedback Augmented Rehabilitation Following Total Joint Arthroplasty

Applications are invited for a fully-funded three year PhD to commence in October 2023. This PhD studentship is part of an exciting partnership of research collaboration between the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth and the Portsmouth University Hospital Trust. Read more

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