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European Studies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 26 European Studies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Embark on a fascinating journey of discovery by pursuing a PhD in European Studies. This interdisciplinary program offers a unique opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of European history, languages, and cultural traditions.

What's it like to study a PhD in European Studies?

Studying a PhD in European Studies allows you to explore the complexities and nuances of European culture, literature, and languages. You will have the chance to engage in in-depth research, critically analyze texts, and contribute to the existing body of knowledge in this field.

As a PhD student, you will have the freedom to choose your research focus, whether it be exploring the works of renowned European authors, examining the impact of European integration on cultural identities, or investigating the role of language in shaping European societies. You will work closely with experienced supervisors who will guide and support you throughout your research journey.

In addition to your research, you may also have the opportunity to participate in conferences, present your work to fellow academics, and collaborate with scholars from different disciplines. This will enable you to broaden your horizons and gain valuable insights from experts in various fields.

Entry requirements for a PhD in European Studies

To be eligible for a PhD in European Studies, you will typically need a strong academic background in a related field such as languages, literature, cultural studies, or European studies. A minimum of a 2.1 Honours degree is usually required, although specific requirements may vary between universities.

PhD in European Studies funding options

Funding for PhDs in European Studies may be available from various sources, including governments, universities and charities, business or industry. See our full guides to PhD funding for more information.

PhD in European Studies careers

A PhD in European Studies opens up a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates often find employment in academia, teaching at universities or conducting research at prestigious institutions. Furthermore, the knowledge and skills acquired during your PhD journey can be applied to various sectors such as international relations, cultural diplomacy, publishing, journalism, and translation.

With a deep understanding of European languages, literature, and culture, you may also find opportunities in the tourism industry, working as a cultural consultant, or even pursuing a career in the diplomatic service. The interdisciplinary nature of European Studies equips you with transferable skills such as critical thinking, research proficiency, and intercultural competence, which are highly valued in today's globalized world.

Embarking on a PhD in European Studies is not only intellectually stimulating but also offers a pathway to a rewarding and fulfilling career. By immersing yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Europe, you will contribute to the advancement of knowledge and become a respected expert in your field.

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