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We have 23 Evolution (birds) PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships



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We have 23 Evolution (birds) PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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The biology of Mesozoic birds

Project Rationale. The Mesozoic bird Confuciusornis sanctus lived in one of the most complex ecosystems of the Early Cretaceous, alongside many dinosaurs, but its life history today remains poorly understood. Read more

ACCE DTP fully funded studentship - A global analysis of the effectiveness of Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas for conserving the world's birds

A major challenge for conservation is to identify important sites to efficiently safeguard biodiversity. The largest systematically identified network of important sites for conserving species is BirdLife International’s Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) network. Read more

Social behaviour and population biology in birds

Life on earth is fundamentally dependent on cooperative interactions among biological units. These social interactions may take the form of cooperation among genes or cells within organisms, between individuals within cooperative societies, or, in human societies, cooperation at an international or global scale. Read more

PhD in the Diversification of Life - Generating Novel Datasets to Examine Species Form Variety

Understanding how and why the diversity of life on earth varies through time and geographic space is one of the fundamental underpinnings of evolutionary and conservation biology. Read more

The role of sexual signal evolution in avian speciation

*** Fully funded PhD position to work on an exciting project studying the evolution of sexual signalling traits and drivers of speciation across the global radiation of birds. Read more

PhD in Evolution and Behaviour: exploring the connection between how organisms have evolved and how they behave

The connection between how organisms have evolved and how they behave is a fundamental principle of biology. It can show us why organisms are the way they are, and answer deep questions about the diversity of life on earth. Read more

PhD in Ecology and Environment: how ecosystems, and the species they contain, respond to environmental change and how to reduce and mitigate adverse impacts

Environmental change threatens biodiversity, altering ecosystem processes and provision of ecosystem services. These environmental change pressures are accelerating due to growing human populations and accompanying climate change, land use, pollution and invasive species. Read more

PhD in Applied Ecology - Developing data-driven modelling in Applied Ecology

We live in a changing world and a challenge for ecologists is to forecast how such changes will impact on natural populations. We tackle problems such as forest management, weed invasions and predicting the impacts of land management on populations of plants, insects and birds. Read more

NERC E4 The genetic basis and evolution of recombination rates in Superb Fairywrens

  Research Group: Institute of Evolutionary Biology
Interested individuals must follow the "how to apply" link on the Geosciences E4 Doctoral Training Partnership web page. Read more

Environmental Effects on Inbreeding Depression (Distance Learning Project)

Background. Inbreeding is an important issue in evolutionary biology and ecology because of its profound implications for genetic variation and the evolution of mating systems and reproductive strategies. Read more

Determining the neural architecture of vocal learning in bats to shed light on human speech and language

  Research Group: Centre for Biological Diversity
In speech acquisition, humans must employ vocal learning, making this a key trait for the understanding of the biology and evolution of speech and language. Read more

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