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Genetics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for European Students (exc UK)

We have 91 Genetics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for European Students (exc UK)

Fully-funded Cancer Research UK project: Understanding cancer evolution in hematopoietic stem cells

Lead supervisor: Prof David Kent. Co-supervisor: Dr William Grey. BACKGROUND. Recent advances in the tools to understand normal and malignant blood stem cells at the single cell level have prompted a major change in how we understand cancer evolution. Read more
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The role of non-productive RNA splicing in gene expression

RNA splicing is an important step in pre-mRNA processing, where introns are removed from the transcribed pre-mRNA and the remaining exons form mature mRNA. Read more

The impact of diet on fertility: A Nutritional Geometry approach

Despite the essential role food plays in our lives, we have little understanding of how different nutrients work together to impact health and well-being, or the reasons animals, including humans, choose certain combinations of food. Read more

How sex chromosomes regulate mammalian development

In the Turner lab, we investigate how the sex chromosomes control mammalian development, from the early embryo to adult cell types, including germ cells. Read more

Metabolic adaptations of neural stem cells

Neural stem cells are metabolically adapted to the low oxygen environment of their niche within the developing fetal brain. Unlike many other progenitor cells, they are also capable of sustaining proliferation in the face of malnutrition, hypoxia and related metabolic stresses. Read more

Charting new neuronal survival pathways in Parkinson’s disease

The Neurodegenerative and Lysosomal Disease Laboratory is interested in uncovering the unknown molecular and cellular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases, particularly in the development of Parkinson’s disease and Batten disease. Read more

Commercial Applications of Skin Bioenergy Research

Value of award. 100% of Home tuition fees paid and UKRI stipend for annual living expenses. A successful international candidate needs to fund the difference between the UK and international fees. Read more

FMI International PhD Program Spring Call 2024

We're now accepting applications for our PhD program. unleash your potential in a vibrant, international and supportive environment. Read more

Multiscale Models for Life (MM4L) Centre for Doctoral Training: second round now open for October 2024 entry (deadline February 29 2024) plus new funded projects available.

Are you interested in bridging the gap between in vivo biology, physical and computational sciences?. We announce the new King's College London Multiscale Models for Life (MM4L) Centre for Doctoral Training. Read more

Starlings as vectors and reservoirs of disease

Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) are a widespread avian species found in close association with human developments and agriculture. In the UK, the majority of starlings are resident all year round and their breeding season takes place from March to April. Read more

Detecting Schistosoma in Bornean Water Buffalo and implications of environmental variables for zoonotic transmission in the context of climate change

This project will investigate Schistosomiasis in Bornean buffaloes using novel cell free DNA approaches and will determine the presence of Schistosoma in water bodies associated to buffalo farming. Across Southeast Asia, over 200 million people are at risk of Schistosoma infection with up to 200,000 dying of the disease yearly. Read more

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