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We have 16 Geophysics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students






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Geophysics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students

We have 16 Geophysics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students

Ilmenau School of Green Electronics (ISGE)

Funded by the Carl-Zeiss-Foundation, the Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany is establishing the “Ilmenau School of Green Electronics (ISGE)” for research on the next generation of IT systems. Read more

Fully Funded PhD Program Opportunity

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), accredited in 2011 as a graduate university, is located in the beautiful subtropical island of Okinawa, Japan. Read more

Undercover Mineralisation – Identifying mineral enrichments beneath glacial deposits in northeast Scotland utilising machine learning

The University of Aberdeen is an internationally recognised centre for excellence for research addressing the global challenges of energy transition, environment and biodiversity, social inclusion and cultural diversity, health, nutrition and wellbeing, and data and artificial intelligence. Read more

Propagation of RF/microwave signals in plasma

The project will contribute to a major Ministry of Defence (MoD) research programme intended to develop generation after next technologies for applications in defence and security. Read more

Numerical Investigation of Liquid Metal Magneto-Coriolis-Centrifugal Convection

Applications are invited for a PhD position in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics within the project MAGNADO - The Magnetohydrodynamics of Liquid Metal Tornadoes (selected for funding by the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) and funded through the UKRI 'Horizon Europe guarantee') at the Research Centre for Fluid and Complex Systems (FCS) at Coventry University. Read more

Understanding shale rock swelling for energy systems: novel integrated modelling and experimental approaches

A fully funded PhD position is available in the group of Professor Carbone (Department of Chemistry) and Professor Taylor (Department of Earth Science) at the University of Manchester starting from September 2024. Read more

Combined geophysical datasets for characterising volcanic brines

Society’s race to net zero emissions of CO2 will invariably involve the use of subsurface reservoirs. Fluids injected and extracted from deep fracture systems beneath volcanoes provide a source of geothermal energy. Read more

Controlling airborne infectious disease transmission in indoor environment

Infectious disease pandemics are brutal killers in human history. The recent COVID-19 outbreak in China has killed over 2.4K people globally, and more than 78K people are infected across 28 countries (As of 22th Feb 2020). Read more

Foam improved oil recovery

Typically in oil and gas production, only a small fraction of the oil present manages to flow out of an oil reservoir under the reservoir’s own pressure. Read more

Biodiversity footprint of quarry restoration

  Research Group: Applied Ecology Research Group (AERG)
Research Group. Applied Ecology Research Group (AERG). Proposed supervisory team. Dr Alvin Helden. Several other members of Biology staff with interest in this subject area could be part of the team e.g., Dr Tom Ings, Dr Peter Brown and Dr Sarah Hart. Read more

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