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Materials Science PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Glasgow

We have 38 Materials Science PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Glasgow

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  PhD in Chemistry: Flexible thin films for wearable electrochromic displays
  Dr E Draper
Application Deadline: 30 April 2019
We need to replace metals used in our high-end technologies with organic alternatives in order to create a more sustainable future.
  Computational design of hierarchical porous materials
  Dr M Jorge
Applications accepted all year round
Materials that are porous at the nanoscale are used in a wide variety of applications, like gas separation, carbon capture, catalysis and drug delivery.
  Modelling the synthesis of metal-organic frameworks for continuous manufacture
  Dr M Jorge, Dr A Fletcher
Applications accepted all year round
Metal-Organic Frameworks, or MOFs for short, are exciting nanoporous materials at the forefront of many new scientific discoveries.
  Development of a spatially resolved spectroscopy probe for application in pharmaceutical drying processes
  Dr Y Chen, Dr C Price
Applications accepted all year round
Despite being the most widely studied PAT technologies, to date, most applications of NIR and Raman spectroscopy are carried out using standard measurement geometry without specifying and differentiating spatial arrangement between the incident and collecting optics.
  Investigation of pharmaceutical crystallisation using small angle x-ray scattering
  Dr Y Chen, Prof J Sefcik
Applications accepted all year round
Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) offers various ways to characterize nanoscale structures of pharmaceutical crystal and large molecules.
  Designing colloidal films and membranes with complex interactions
  Dr M Haw
Applications accepted all year round
Porous films and membranes are important for applications such as adsorbing, separating and storing gases, cleaning water and soils, sensor devices and many others.
  Biodegradable plastic composites from renewable or waste sources
  Dr K Johnston, Dr L Lue
Applications accepted all year round
To reduce the amount of plastic waste in the marine environment, there is a strong incentive to switch to biodegradable polymers, which are ideally synthesised from renewable or waste streams, rather than from oil.
  Computational design of polymer thin films for flexible sensor devices
  Dr K Johnston, Dr L Lue
Applications accepted all year round
Ferroelectric (FE) materials offer many useful properties and are employed in various devices, including nonvolatile memory, capacitors, sensors and actuators.
  Valorisation of solid waste for sustainable production of fuel and chemicals
  Dr J Li, Dr L Lue
Applications accepted all year round
Global solid waste production has significantly increased over the years. It is recognised that the development of alternative, cleaner sources of fuels and chemicals from solid waste can secure energy sources and address environmental concerns.
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