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We have 39 PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Guildford

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Introduction and evaluation of a workplace simulator (AMRSim) to improve the understanding and implementation of infection control by staff working in small animal veterinary practices

This studentship aims to determine if the Antimicrobial Resistance Simulator tool (AMRSim | Welcome) can be used to change the behaviour of veterinary staff towards infection control that subsequently results in reduced infection rates and therefore improve animal health and welfare. Read more

PhD Studentship Opportunity: Inelastic performance of steel-timber hybrid building systems

Steel-timber hybrid systems can benefit from the synergetic behaviour of two materials combined, providing significant reductions in embodied carbon compared to conventional systems, and have the potential of being reused at the end of life by adopting a design for disassembly strategy. Read more

Physiological basis linking sleep continuity and age-related cognitive deficits: in vivo manipulation and monitoring of activity of layer 5 neurons in the cortex of mice

  Research Group: Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC)
A good night’s sleep is essential to maintain proper mental health. In particular, consolidated periods of sleep (i.e. sleep continuity) seem to be critical for cognition as reported in humans (Della Monica et al., 2018) and rodents (Rolls et al., 2011). Read more

An investigation of the role of energy balance modification on anti-tumour and health responses in older adults with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL).

Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) is the most prevalent leukaemia, affecting 1:8 adults >70 years old. A poorly understood but clinically significant complication of CLL is an elevated incidence of physical dysfunction and frailty. Read more

PhD Studentship Opportunity: Design and fabrication of energy scavenging thin film materials

For many decades crystalline silicon solar cells have dominated the solar market. But, this dominance may now be challenged with the emergence of perovskite solar cells as well as organic solar cells which are performing in excess of 15%. Read more

SeNSS Student-led Competition

 . SeNSS is offering approximately 40 student-led studentships for the 2022/2023 academic year, in 13 social science disciplines across 10 universities with exceptional reputations for postgraduate training and research. Read more

SeNSS Collaborative Studentship Competition

 . What is a SeNSS collaborative studentship?. • You will join an expert team of leading Social Scientists and an external partner (from industry, government, or an NGO, in the UK or abroad) who have already developed and defined a research project. Read more

Joint ESRC-NERC fully-funded studentship

 . This joint studentship, which starts in October 2022, is offered by SeNSS (funded by the Economic and Social Research Council) and ARIES (funded by the Natural Environment Research Council). Read more

PhD Studentship Opportunity: Modulation of Cathepsin proteases in cancer progression

With the emerging importance of Cathepsin proteases during normal development, inflammation and disease, a number of Cathepsin proteases have also been recognized as being good therapeutic targets, particularly during cancer progression (Pubmed ID: 31212661, 31213124, 31381961). Read more

PhD Studentship Opportunity: Immuno-metabolism and multi-omics analysis of aging and senescence

This specific project partners with Waters and aims to investigate environmental (external/epigenetic) and physiological factors contributing to healthy aging and potentially those leading to a general decline in the ability of the immune system to mount efficient responses in the face of aging related pathophysiology, such as cancer or infection. Read more

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