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We have 139 Health Informatics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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We have 139 Health Informatics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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PhD opportunities in Smart Technology Advancements for Health and Rehabilitation

Join this exciting and important research area and bridge the gap between clinical sciences, engineering and computing for sustainable developments in personal and community health needs. . Read more

Centre for Digital Media Cultures

The Centre for Digital Media Cultures conducts impactful research that helps society understand and adapt to changes in digital media and data technologies. Read more

Centre of Resilience for Social Justice

If you want your research to make a real difference then come and join us. The Centre of Resilience for Social Justice tackles disadvantage and brings genuine change to people's lives around the world. Read more

Centre for Arts and Wellbeing

The Centre for Arts and Wellbeing at the University of Brighton develops research and enterprise initiatives that directly benefit the wellbeing of individuals and communities, innovating in a wide range of practices where the arts improve people's lives. Read more

Examining the mechanisms that cause cardiovascular disease by studying the heart or adipose tissue

Heart failure has a serious impact on our society and once diagnosed has a poor survival rate. In the United Kingdom, there are about 1.5 million people living with the after-effects of a heart attack. Read more

Conversation analysis of health communication

Good communication can enhance health outcomes. In order to optimise health communication in different settings it is important to understand what interactional techniques are used, and which techniques work well and less well. Read more

Dissecting the molecular mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in bacterial pathogens

Antibiotics make possible the treatment and cure of life-threatening bacterial infections. Since their introduction in the middle years of the 20th Century, they have added ~10 years to the human lifespan, and have become a cornerstone of modern medicine. Read more

Very preterm infants’ day-to-day interactions with caregivers: A data-driven approach to investigate the role of short-term processes in promoting social learning

Overview. Infants born very preterm are at risk of cognitive difficulties. We plan to use intensive data collection methods to understand how daily social interactions between infants and their caregivers shape the development of learning skills. Read more

Implementing a mindful resilience programme for nursing staff providing palliative care: A feasibility study

Background. Burnout among healthcare professionals providing palliative care ranges from 3% to 66%. Promoting the wellbeing and mental health of nursing staff working in palliative care settings and across chronic diseases is a priority to ensure that therapeutic relationships with patients can be maintained. Read more

Our Mission: to Educate, Nurture and Discover for the benefit of Human Health

 Founded in 1784 as the professional body for surgical training in Ireland, RCSI has evolved in the years since to become one of the world's leading health sciences universities. Read more

Responsible AI for Health and Social Care

The increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies that could impact humanity raises increasing concerns from general public, industry and regulatory bodies. Read more

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