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Dalhousie’s Faculty of Computer Science

Halifax is home to leading tech research

Dalhousie’s Faculty of Computer Science is the premier academic research institution in Information Technology in Atlantic Canada. Since our founding in 1997, our faculty have been working in major areas of computer science research, cutting across many industries and encompassing nearly all human endeavours. From oceans to healthcare, information communications technology to aerospace, our students and professors are making an impact.

We offer flexible and multidisciplinary computer science graduate program options that allow students to combine studies in unique ways that meet academic and personal interests, as well as future career goals – whether you are interested in research or building your career in industry.

We offer two research-focused degree programs (Master of Computer Science and PhD in Computer Science), an interdisciplinary program (Master of Digital Innovation) as well as an applied program offering three degree stream options (Master of Applied Computer Science).

Our award-winning professors are experienced in several varied research areas, including: Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Visualization & Graphics, Systems, Networks, Security, Algorithms, Bioinformatics, and Computer Science Education.

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