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International Relations PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 27 International Relations PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Outer Space Resilience

The Leverhulme PhD programme is administered by the Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences. This particular project will sit under the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Read more

Island Nations Going Under: Submerged Statehood, Legal Protections Beyond Refugee Status.

Anthropocentric climate change exhibits asymmetric impacts on specific States, particularly those that endured economic, social, and political exploitation during the colonial era and underwent extensive fossil-fuel-based industrialisation. Read more

Postgraduate Research Opportunities in Global Development, Politics and International Relations & Security

PhD Funding Opportunities live event. Learn about the latest scholarship and funding opportunities available to you in the School of Politics and International Studies at our upcoming online event, taking place on Thursday 8 February, 2pm–3pm (UK time). Read more

UN Peace Operation Futures

United Nations (UN) peace operations are increasingly deployed to challenging situations of ongoing conflict with lofty expectations of being able to stabilise conflict zones, achieve national reconciliation, and rebuild state legitimacy. Read more

Understanding the policy and regulatory barriers and enablers to the adoption of alternative fuels

Applications are invited for a fully-funded three-year PhD to commence in June 2024. . The PhD will be based in the School of Civil Engineering and Surveying, and will be supervised by Dr Keiron Roberts, Prof Steve Fletcher and Ms Antaya March. Read more

Developing International Relations from Environmental Histories of and by the Amazon

This project aims to contribute to efforts to world International Relations (IR) and decolonise history by exploring the study and practice of IR through decolonial environmental histories of and from the Amazon. Read more

Politics and International Relations PhD

Take on global challenges in the 21st century – interpret events, identify trends and make informed judgments about the future. Engage with world politics, global environmental change, terrorism, governance in cyberspace, and conflict resolution with insight and clarity. Read more

Neurosymbolic Goal and Plan Recognition

These projects are open to students worldwide, but have no funding attached. Therefore, the successful applicant will be expected to fund tuition fees at the relevant level (home or international) and any applicable additional research costs. Read more

Architecture and Construction of Modernism in the Global South

With the growing worldwide importance of the Global South, it is timely to explore the relationship between the past and emerging architecture in the region and understand its relationship with the construction of desired modern identities there. Read more

Developing a forensic DNA legislative framework and policy for Africa (Ref: SF22/HLS/APP/AMANKWAA)

The use of forensic DNA and national DNA databases (NDNAD) has gained popularity in criminal investigations globally [1]. While the technology has been embraced in Europe and other high-income countries, its use and regulation are still at an infant stage in Africa [2]. Read more

PhD (School of Social Sciences) Doctorate

Study a PhD at the University of Bradford and contribute new and significant knowledge to the diverse field of social sciences. Read more

Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University

In Clinical Psychology, students gain a deep understanding of the human mind and behavior. Focus on psychological assessment, therapeutic interventions, and counseling techniques. Read more

Supply Chain Management in Space Exploration

Glasgow Caledonian University, The Glasgow School for Business and Society. Glasgow School for Business and Society | Glasgow Caledonian University | Scotland, UK (gcu.ac.uk). Read more

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