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We have 20 PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Italy

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Numerical approximations of non-local parabolic equations based on stochastic and finite elements methods and applications.

Abstract. Non-local equations in time arise in several applications, especially for modeling anomalous diffusion. In this context, it is very rare to have explicit solutions to the equations governing an anomalous diffusive phenomenon. Read more

Stochastic modelling of subsurface water flow

Abstract. The subsurface water flow in natural formations with multiscale heterogeneities exhibit complex patterns. Our aim is to efficiently represent this motion by resorting to stochastic models for anomalous transport (e.g., continuous time random walks, Lévy flights, Lévy walks). Read more

Time changed multivariate models: calibration and fit on financial data

Abstract.  Multi-asset derivative pricing is still an active field of research in financial modeling, calling for multivariate stochastic models that reproduce well-known stylized facts such as skewness and excess kurtosis of marginal return distributions. Read more

Federated learning and beyond

Abstract.  Federated Learning has been proposed to develop better AI systems without compromising the privacy of final users and the legitimate interests of private companies. Read more

Future HPC solutions for cloud hybrid application

Abstract. The project aims at developing methods and tools for digital twins, i.e. a digital replica of a living or nonliving physical entity (i.e., "the system") that allows us to simulate the effects of a natural event or human intervention on the system itself. Read more

Modeling human-nature relationships via multimodal deep learning architectures

Abstract.  Our daily urban experiences are the product of perceptions and emotional states that are triggered by the physical and social contexts around us, yet a complete modeling of these aspects is strikingly absent from urban studies. Read more

Duality methods in Bayesian inference for hidden Markov models

Abstract. The project deals with Bayesian inference on the trajectory of a diffusion process or on the parameters that characterize its drift and volatility, under the assumption of a hidden Markov model framework with noisy data collection. Read more


 The Ph.D. Programmes at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna are designed for talented graduates from around the world, who wish to carry out study and research in an international campus based in Pisa. Read more

Study of the human-vehicle interactions by a high-end dynamic driving simulator

Context of the research activity. Motivations and objectives of the research in this field. Vehicle electrification and autonomous driving require extensive testing for human-vehicle interfaces and human acceptance. Read more

Fully-funded four-year PhD in Political and Social Sciences

Fully-funded four-year PhD programmes. The. EUI. offers a thoroughly articulated doctoral programme allowing you to develop your intellectual curiosity and enabling original research. Read more

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