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Latest Chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 108 Latest Chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships






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We have 108 Latest Chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Diradicals for Photochemistry

In the context of a PhD thesis, novel hybrid-diradicals will synthesized. These will serve as precursors for new-classes of polymers and materials with potential application in organic electronics and photovoltaics. Read more

An evaluation of the role of excipients on the stability of lipid nanoparticles-based vaccines.

Covid vaccine based on lipid nanoparticles (LNP) have been the success story of the covid pandemic. Our group has been working on the long-term stability of liquid formulation of mRNA like LNP particles in collaboration with the industry. Read more

-year PhD studentship: 4D Printing for delivering drugs and agrochemicals - (ENG 1551)

We will use 3D printing to create shape changing, intricate structures capable of the controlled delivery of active compounds, such as therapeutic drugs, nutraceuticals and sustainable treatments for plants and crops. Read more

Probing Actinide-Actinide Bonding

A fully funded EPSRC DTG studentship is available for a highly motivated, outstanding graduate chemist to undertake in the field of f-element synthesis, structural, spectroscopic, and computational characterisation. Read more

Sustainable emulsifier systems for chocolate

The appeal of chocolate as an indulgent treat is partly due to the ability to process it in the molten state, allowing the combination with other ingredients and shaping into various shapes and formats. Read more

Understanding the biological role of the i-motif

The DNA i-motif is an important biological target which has recently been shown to form inside the nucleus of human cells. Current understanding of this structure is limited as it has received little research focus over the last 30 years, primarily because it was thought it couldn’t exist within biological environment. Read more

Sustainable production of Vitamin K1

The project. Vitamin K1 is an essential nutrient in both human and animal nutrition. Given the increasing environmental pressures facing us as a society there is a need to develop safe, sustainable and cost-effective production methods for important compounds. Read more

Development of next generation bioreactor models

Industrial biotechnology is increasingly being seen as a way in which we can sustainably produce the products we need. These include plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food ingredients and many others. Read more

UK seas, microplastic and noise pollution impacts on biodiversity measured with eDNA

Applications are invited for a fully-funded three year PhD to commence in February 2023. . This interdisciplinary PhD in collaboration with GB Row will be based in the School of Civil Engineering and Surveying, and will be primarily supervised by. Read more

Nanoremedi - Functional Nano-Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine

The Horizon Europe MSCA-Doctoral Network NanoReMedi1 (“Functional Nano-Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine”) is run by an International Consortium of Universities in cooperation with Companies and offers an innovative PhD level training in Nanomaterials for regenerative medicine to 13 Early Stage Researchers (ESR). Read more

Processing and characterisation of Ti-Fe alloys as hydrogen storage materials from New Zealand feedstocks

Green hydrogen will become a pivotal vector to carry and store renewable energy in a future net-zero carbon world. Ti-Fe alloys demonstrate high hydrogen uptake at ambient conditions and are an attractive candidate material for stationary bulk hydrogen storage applications. Read more
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Solid State Protonic Electrosynthesis of Zero Carbon Fuels

Solid oxide electrolysis cells generate high purity hydrogen from steam at high efficiency using electricity from renewable sources, exploiting thermodynamic benefits of high temperature operation. Read more

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