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We have 33 Latest Environmental Chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships






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Latest Environmental Chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 33 Latest Environmental Chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Engineering 3D biofilms for sustainable wastewater management

Water pollution from untreated wastewater is a big challenge across many countries. This is partly because centralised wastewater treatment networks are expensive to install and are energy intensive. Read more

Properties of Sustainable Liquid Fuels

In the on-going drive to lower CO. 2. emissions, sustainable biologically-derived and synthetic liquid fuels are expected to replace petroleum-derived fuels in some automotive applications. Read more

12 Dual Degree PhD positions D-Carbonize Consortium

The D-carbonize consortium is seeking 12 PhD students (Doctoral Candidates – DCs) to work in a multidisciplinary & interdisciplinary team formed by 6 academic research groups, 5 companies and 1 industry association, offering excellent research and training both in R&D and entrepreneurship. Read more

GREENCDT The impact of polyacrylamide radiolytic and microbial degradation products on the interim and long term storage of radwaste

Managing the radioactive waste inventory in the UK, is a £multibillion grand challenge. Polyacrylamide has been identified as a potential settling aid which can improve sludge settling operations in nuclear waste storage ponds on the Sellafield site, by flocculating a range of legacy fuel materials. Read more

Probing the local structure of functional materials under high pressure

This is a joint collaborative project between the University of Warwick and the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source. ISIS is a world-leading facility for studying the atomic-level structure of materials that attracts over 3000 external researchers each year from over 30 different countries. Read more

Biological coagulant recovery for resilient and sustainable water and wastewater treatment PhD

This PhD position offers an exciting opportunity to do pioneering research on the recovery of nutrients and metals from water treatment sludge to embrace the circular economy and protect our environment. Read more

PhD Studentship in Chemistry - Electrochemical Sensors for Water Analysis

Overview. The project is a collaboration with . Palintest Ltd. , who develop sensing technology for water quality assessment in the food industry, utilities and humanitarian applications. Read more

A 3-year PhD studentship in the Dynamics and neutron contrast studies of newly designed organic membranes

Supervisor. F. Foglia, A.G. Seel, B.C. Schroeder. Application deadline. 20/04/2023. Start date. 01/10/2022. UCL Chemistry Department is offering a fully funded studentship to a highly motivated candidate to start in October 2022. Read more

In situ imaging & diffraction of new composite zeolites for nuclear waste remediation.

Applications are sought for a PhD project under the supervision of Dr Phoebe Allan at the University of Birmingham, Dr Sharif Ahmed and Dr Joe Hriljac at Diamond Light Source, and Dr Tom Carey at the National Nuclear Laboratory. Read more

Polymer Processing in a Circular Plastics Economy

The Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub within the Department of Materials at the University of Manchester and housed in the Henry Royce Institute is seeking enthusiastic and collaborative polymer chemists or engineers to develop the next generation of sustainable polymers. Read more

PhD in Chemistry - Micro-reactor for combined X-ray and Vibrational spectroscopy

Highly motivated candidates are invited to apply for a fully funded 3.5 year PhD position in the School of Chemistry, available to commence on 1st October 2023 to work with Dr Emma Gibson in the Heterogeneous Catalysis Section at the University of Glasgow. Read more

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