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PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Leicester

We have 112 PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Leicester

Molecular dissection of horizontal gene transfer mechanisms in mycobacteria

A fully funded PhD position is available within the lab of Dr Abhinav KV at Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology (LISCB), University of Leicester, UK to carry out structural studies on large macromolecular machines that undertake horizontal gene transfer (HGT) in mycobacteria. Read more

Natural products in bacterial physiology and chemical interaction

Microbial natural products have diverse chemical structures and bioactivities, which range from cell-cell signalling, nutrient acquisition, antifungal and antibacterial activity to stress resistance (1). Read more

Nuclear and transcriptional dysregulations during cellular senescence

Cellular senescence, which is characterised by a proliferation arrest, is a driver of ageing (1). Several stresses can induce cellular senescence, including persistent DNA damage, telomere dysfunction, and oncogene activation. Read more

The Role of Reactive Sulfur Species in the Ageing Heart

Second Supervisor. Prof Melanie Madhani, University of Birmingham. Background . Ageing is a natural and complex biological process that involves the gradual deterioration of cells, tissues, and organ systems over time, thus leading to an increased susceptibility to diseases and mortality. Read more

Molecular level understanding of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Mycobacterium tuberculosis has evolved to survive and replicate inside macrophages. The project will investigate the molecular mechanisms underpinning adaptation to this specialised intracellular niche. Read more

Understanding centrosome function in the human airway

Breathing sustains our life and is also important for our quality of life. Inside the lung, billions of hair-like structures called cilia beat a million times a day to promote a process called mucociliary clearance. Read more

Investigating the role of SUMOylation in meiotic recombination and chromosome segregation in Arabidopsis

Post-translational modifications of proteins such as phosphorylation, methylation and acetylation have been extensively studied in eukaryotes and now the Small Ubiquitin modifier (SUMO) is gaining attention for its importance in fundamental biological roles. Read more

Unlocking the genetic potential of barley by modulating recombination

Barley is a major worldwide crop used for malting and animal feed. However, breeding new varieties is constrained by the frequency of genetic crossovers (1-3 crossovers per chromosome pair) and their distribution (biased towards the chromosome ends) that underpin crop improvement1,2. Read more

Enhancing meiotic recombination in wheat by modulating RECQ helicases

Wheat accounts for 20% of the calories and protein consumed by humans and is the largest crop in the UK, but yields have plateaued and are susceptible to decline due to extreme weather conditions. Read more

Structural-guided PROTAC targeting of BMX to modulate apoptotic sensitivity in disease

What determines at the molecular level whether a cell lives or dies? Regulation of the cellular life–death switch is essential in healthy cells for normal foetal development and for the clearance of damaged cells. Read more

The Evolution of Vision in Mosquitoes

Background . Due to their capacity to transmit viruses such as Zika and parasites like Plasmodium (the causative agent of malaria), mosquitos are regarded by the World Health Organization as one of the most lethal organisms on our planet (WHO | Global vector control response 2017–2030, 2020). Read more

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