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Biophysics PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Liverpool

We have 15 Biophysics PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Liverpool

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  The Physics of Cancer: fundamental studies of cancer spheroids.
  Prof P Weightman, Prof S Coupland
Application Deadline: 14 April 2019
Fundamental studies of cancer spheroids. Background. Two dimensional (2D) cell cultures of cancer cells have been used to study their biology for decades.
  Quantitative Characterisation and Validation for Spatial-Temporal Models of Protein Structures
  Prof EA Patterson, Dr LW Yang
Application Deadline: 1 June 2019
This project is a part of a 4-year dual PhD programme between National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Taiwan and the University of Liverpool in England.
  How passive diffusivity in cells can be a function of protein diffusant’s physiochemical properties
  Dr R Bearon, Prof Y-C Lin
Application Deadline: 1 June 2019
Precise regulation of protein distribution and dynamics is vital for cellular functions and organization. Defects in protein transport have been implicated in degenerative and neoplastic diseases.
  Characterising and repurposing cyanobacterial CO2-fixing organelles for metabolic engineering
  Dr LN Liu, Dr J Hartwell
Applications accepted all year round
Compartmentalisation represents an effective strategy used by cells to enhance their activities. By creating physical barriers and compartments, cells sequester the metabolic pathways from the cellular milieu to allow controls of metabolic flux and toxic diffusion.
  Improving Photosynthetic Efficiency - Engineering and Evolution of Light-Harvesting Complexes via Synthetic Biology
  Dr D Canniffe
Applications accepted all year round
Photosynthesis is the ultimate source of food and energy for almost all forms of life. Using sunlight as the energy input, photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere generating the oxygen and carbohydrate that support complex life.
  Beam transport issues in high-power x-ray Free Electron Lasers
  Prof A Wolski, Dr F Jackson
Applications accepted all year round
Supervisors. Prof. Andy Wolski (University of Liverpool), Dr Frank Jackson (STFC/ASTeC). A studentship is available from October 2019 to study issues associated with efficient transport and precision control of high-quality electron beams in high-power x-ray Free Electron Lasers (x-ray FELs).
  Translation of Cardiovascular Control Models: Are ‘resistant hypertension’ patients truly drug resistant and does neuronal dysregulation contribute?
  Dr R Barrett-Jolley, Prof GYH Lip, Dr A Shantsila
Applications accepted all year round
Hypertension is major health problem across the world affecting 30-40% of adults, and its prevalence continues to grow, especially in developing countries.
  Mitochondrial protein folding and diseases
  Prof L-Y Lian, Dr D Criddle
Applications accepted all year round
Many diseases, including cancer and neurological disease, stem from mitochondrial dysfunctions often triggered by sudden elevation of agents such as calcium and reactive oxygen species.
  Evolutionary insights for engineering improved globin oxygen carriers
  Dr M Berenbrink, Dr J Madine
Applications accepted all year round
Around 2 million red blood cell units at a cost of 120.00 GBP per unit are transfused annually in England alone (
  Investigating the molecular mechanisms and consequences of ANP aggregation for cardiovascular disease; a computational and experimental approach
  Dr J Madine, Dr D J Rigden, Dr M Winn
Applications accepted all year round
Atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) is a cardiovascular hormone synthesised and secreted by myocytes in the atrial wall where it regulates atrial blood volume and vasodilation.
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