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We have 38 Physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in London






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Physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in London

We have 38 Physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in London

PhD studentship in uncovering the universal physics in soft and living matter

The Universality in Biology group at Imperial College London is offering a fully funded PhD studentship to home students in the field of theoretical biophysics, under the supervision of Dr Chiu Fan Lee. Read more

Physics-based Multi-scale Modelling of Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing

Project Details. Additive manufacturing (AM) is emerging as a promising alternative for designing multi-material parts for complex geometries in engineering applications; especially in the biomedical sector. Read more

Funded PhD studentship in XFEL Science at Imperial College London

A fully funded 4-year PhD position is available in the group of Professor Jasper van Thor at Imperial College London. The PhD is supported by the STFC UK Hub for the physical sciences on XFELs (HPSX) and Imperial College. Read more

Vapour Deposited Perovskites for High Performance Multi-Junction Solar Cells

Metal-halide perovskite based solar cells have now achieved a light to electricity conversion efficiency of 26.1%, making them the leading emerging thin-film solar cell material. Read more
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Fully funded PhD scholarship in Next Generation of Optical Neuroimaging

Duration of study. Full time - 4 years fixed term (1y MRes + 3y PhD). Starting date. September 2024. Application deadline. 24 May 2024 (interviews early June 2024). Read more

Noise and Evolution in Ageing Cellular Power Stations

PhD Project. Imperial College Mathematics. Student Background. Theoretical Physics, Mathematics/Statistics, Electrical Engineering, Computing (Biological knowledge not required). Read more

Space/Astrophysical plasma and space weather

 The Astronomy Unit at the Queen Mary University of London is offering a PhD scholarship (3 years) for a UK home student on the topic of Machine Learning for Space Plasma and Space Weather. Read more

Search for Higgs decays into charm quarks

After the discovery of the Higgs boson at the LHC, the Higgs Yukawa coupling to fermions has been experimentally confirmed only for the heavy 3rd-generation fermions. Read more

A Superconducting Brushless Exciter for High-power Density Electrical Machines

Background. The ability of high-temperature superconducting (HTS) materials to carry large current densities with little or no resistance makes them attractive for providing large rotor magnetic fields in high-power density superconducting electrical machines. Read more

Emergent Properties of Large Databases

The emergence of unusual or unexpected distributions in large data samples has resulted in some well-known laws, which includes Zipf’s Law in textual analysis [1], the Pareto distribution in the measurement of wealth [2], Benford’s Law in the distribution of first digits in real-world measurements [3], and Chargaff’s Second Parity Rule in genetics [4]. Read more

Fully funded PhD Scholarship in Memristive Technologies

Duration of study. Full time - 4 years fixed term. Starting date. Flexible, available from December 2023. Application deadline. No closing date, the position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. Read more

Design magnetoelectric nanoparticles with outstanding physical property for biomedical applications

Magnetoelectric nanoparticles (MENP) are multiferroic materials with magnetic and electric properties coupled together. The coupling allows direct control of ferroelectricity using an external magnetic field or vice-versa. Read more

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