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We have 15 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Loughborough






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Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Loughborough

We have 15 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Loughborough

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Ontology Digital Twinning for Knowledge Modelling and Fusion in Building Risk Assessment and Insurance

Built on the initial work of ‘Applying AI to building blueprints for insurance risk assessment (AURIE)’, this project aims to develop an ontology digital twinning approach to construct the domain knowledge graphs for improved risk assessment and underwriting capability. Read more

Extending the use of the Leicester Diabetes Risk Scores with a focus on use in ethnic minority groups

Background. Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) is one of the most prevalent long-term conditions globally. However, options for identifying and preventing the condition have low uptake and underserve groups in greatest need. Read more

Interpretable and Reliable AI for Condition Monitoring of Industrial Systems

Advanced AI techniques, such as deep neural networks, are very useful for monitoring nonlinear dynamics of complex systems, however, there exists scepticism in industry about automated systems taking decisions, sometimes based on opaque criteria that negates human intuition. Read more

Boolean functions for cryptography

Encrypting data is essential for ensuring the security of our electronic communications. The ciphers in current use are built from smaller components, one of them being a cryptographic Boolean function. Read more

Modelling carbon using machine learning

Carbon is a complex material that exists in many forms including graphene, graphite, and diamond. Graphite and other forms of carbon have widespread applications ranging from batteries, composite materials and even within nuclear reactor cores. Read more

Overlapping iterated function systems

When an iterated function system (IFS) is well separated then much is known about the corresponding invariant set and measures. However, when the IFS is overlapping there is much we still do not know, and many different behaviours are possible. Read more

Eigenvalues of functional difference operators associated to mirror curves

Toric Calabi–Yau manifolds play an important role in mathematical physics. Their mirror manifolds can be described by algebraic curves and recently it was observed that quantisation of these curves leads to functional-difference operators. Read more

Continual Learning in Neural Information Retrieval

Neural ranking models for information retrieval (IR) use deep neural networks to rank search results in response to a query. Recently proposed neural models learn representations of language from raw text that can bridge the gap between query and document vocabulary. Read more

Advanced CFD methods for porous media flows

Applications are invited to work on the development of advanced modelling techniques, based on existing novel high resolution, massively parallel schemes applicable to porous-media Simulations can include flows in porous media with the direct pore simulations as well as Darcy flows. Read more

Sensory analysis for improved ice hockey stick design

Some of the greatest advancements in how ice hockey is played today are largely driven by modern ice hockey sticks – often engineered with leading carbon fibre technology – which allows for maximal energy storage and increased shot speeds compared to traditional wooden sticks. Read more
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