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We have 132 Maths & Computing PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Manchester



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We have 132 Maths & Computing PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Manchester

Security and privacy in IoT systems

Internet of Things (IoT) systems have entered our everyday life in various application scenarios. They range from personalised health care utilising data from users' wearable devices to smart manufacturing deploying data from all types of smart sensors embedded within the manufacturing processes. Read more

Application Level Verification of Solidity Smart Contracts

Smart contracts running in a blockchain environment (e.g. ones written in Solidity running on an Ethereum blockchain) need to consist of well defined atomic state updates; otherwise, the properties of the on-chain state become meaningless. Read more

Generating explainable answers to fact verification questions

Online platforms such as social media and news sites have recently become vehicles for widespread misinformation, making it challenging for users to distinguish facts from hearsay. Read more

Problems in large graphs representing social networks

A number of interesting problems nowadays can be modelled by large graphs. For example, web links constitute a graph (google and the pagerank algorithm exploit properties of this graph), also facebook friendships, paper citation patterns and many more. Read more

Event Coreference at Document Level

Event extraction methods are used to encapsulate n-ary relationships between a number of concepts. Recently, neural network-based methods have been proposed to capture events, their arguments and context (Nguyen and Nguyen, 2019; Trieu et al., 2020) at sentence level. Read more

Abstractive Multi-Document Summarisation

Systematic reviews provide a robust approach to the comprehensive identification of relevant sources of evidence used by Health Technology Assessment agencies such as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Read more

Categorical proof theory

There is a strong connection between programs and the proofs for certain logics. By finding mathematical models for either of these we increase our understanding of them. Read more

Mathematical models for concurrent systems

We have a reasonable understanding of models for sequential programs, although there are many open questions regarding whether established models can be simplified mathematically. Read more

Fishing in the Data Lake

A Data Lake is a (potentially huge) repository of data collected for future reuse. In classical data analytics, data was curated for storage in data warehouses, which support the core analysis tasks of an organization. Read more

Security-Minded Verification for Autonomous Systems

Autonomous robot systems are being developed in many fields for example. transportation, space, industry and healthcare. As well as considering whether these systems are safe we must also consider their security and that the risk of attack from malicious agents is minimised. Read more

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