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Physical Chemistry PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Manchester

We have 22 Physical Chemistry PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Manchester



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We have 22 Physical Chemistry PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Manchester

Sustainable separation of organic carbonates and alcohols using novel solvents

  Research Group: Sustainable Industrial Engineering
The sustainable production of organic carbonates is attracting increasing interest owing to their properties as fuel additives, green solvents or in the formulation of paints or in batteries to mention a few examples. Read more

Antimicrobial Surface Coatings for Controlling Transmission of Infection (MATERIALS)

The persistence of antibiotic resistant bacterial pathogens in hospitals is facilitated by their survival on contaminated surfaces that act as sources of infection on contact. Read more

Modelling Crystal Growth for Crystal Habit Control and Rational Process Design

This project, based at The University of Manchester( UoM), is a collaboration between UoM and BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, that supports the development of advanced modelling capabilities for the prediction of crystal shape and morphology (habit), and the design of crystallization processes. Read more

High Selectivity Membranes For Electrochemical Energy Devices

The global energy demand for a new reliable energy system with no greenhouse gas emissions leads to electrochemical processes to play a pivotal role in the global power generation, because the efficient interconversion of electrical and chemical energies as well as the ability of storage that energy. Read more

Wear and biological safety of dental titanium implants

Implant dentistry with a globally market of CHF 4.5 billion in 20181 has shown a steady increase over the last few years. Titanium implant is the most widely accepted and successfully used type of dental implant. Read more

Dynamics and Rheology of Colloidal Liquid Crystals

  Research Group: Multiscale Modelling
Colloidal suspensions are two-phase systems of droplets or particles dispersed in a continuous medium that find wide use in the formulation industry as paints, pharmaceutics, cosmetics and food products. Read more

Catalytic materials for biomass valorisation - from single sites to nanoparticles

  Research Group: Catalysis and Porous Materials
A catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed, offering greater energy efficiency relative to non-catalytic pathways. Read more

Development of Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles for Application in Biological Imaging

Conjugated polymer nanoparticles are class-leading fluorophores for the imaging of biological samples. They are up to 10x brighter than the brightest quantum dot materials and many orders of magnitude brighter and more photostable than conventional molecular fluorophores. Read more

Molecular simulation of adsorbents for air separation

Efficient production of oxygen from air is key in many technologies. In this project we aim to explore the potential of novel adsorbents for air separation where different regeneration approaches are considered. Read more

Design, synthesis and applications of polymers and polymer colloids

  Research Group: Polymers and Composites
The Fielding research group is based in the Department of Materials at The University of Manchester. Our research involves the design, synthesis and applications of polymers and polymer colloids for use in various applications. Read more

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