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We have 111 Marine Biology PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Moving stories: narrating change along the shorelines of Spurn

About this project. . Applications are invited for a fully funded interdisciplinary PhD scholarship drawing upon the research methodologies of Literature and Marine Science to investigate the narratives of Spurn, and understand the interrelation of coastal ecology, communities and cultures. Read more

Unhappy Bedfellows? Interactions between the invasive species Sargassum muticum and Threatened seagrass beds (Zostera spp).

Successful invasive species often escape top-down pressure in the early stages of invasion. However, emerging evidence suggests that over time local animal consumers can adapt to control and moderate nonnatives by incorporating invading species into their diets. Read more

Effects of seabird nutrient inputs on the productivity of coral reef fish communities

How coral reefs can sustain their extreme biomass of large reef fishes has continued to puzzle scientists. By living fast and dying young, small, bottom-dwelling (‘cryptobenthic’) reef fishes have been suggested as an important part of coral reef productivity, fuelling the foodweb. Read more

Identifying and protecting coral reef adaptive potential

Background. The recent unprecedented levels of heat stress have profoundly altered many coral reef communities globally, affecting ~1 billion people whose livelihoods depend directly on them. Read more

Mesocosm Experiments to Integrate Landscape-Scale Factors into Future Directions for Pesticide Risk Assessment

Partner Organisation. Fera Science Ltd. This CASE PhD is strongly led by stakeholder needs (Fera Science Ltd, Chemicals Regulation Directorate) and includes time spent with both organisations based in York. Read more

From Water Fleas to Elephants: Multispecies Extrapolation of Pesticide Toxicity Using High-Throughput Testing Methods and Dynamic Energy Budgeting

Partner Organisation. Bayer. Current standard pesticide ecotoxicity tests used for ecological risk assessments (ERA) may not be fit for purpose as the chemical exposure regimes, select species, and life stage do not fully represent the actual environmental exposures they aim to protect. Read more

Formula vs Function: Understanding How Different Formulations of Plant Protection Products Impact Toxicity

Partner Organisations. HSE and Syngenta. Plant protection products (PPP) containing the same active substance can take many different forms, for example emulsifiable concentrate, wettable powder or suspension concentrate. Read more

The fate of microplastics in aquatic environments

  Research Group: CENTA - Central England NERC Training Alliance
Project Highlights. Hone novel methods to track (real-time) and analyse microplastics. Design mesocosms to study the behaviour of microplastics in riverbed sediments. Read more

Understanding the ecology of the New Zealand black coral Antipathes fiordensis and its vulnerability to climate change

We are looking for a dynamic, highly motivated person with excellent inter-personal skills (as you will spend time on small boats) to join the Temperate Mesophotic Ecology group at Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand. Read more

Drivers and resilience of urchin barrens in UK kelp forests (OP2240)

Kelp forests cover 25% of global coastlines and are considered some of the most productive habitats on Earth. They provide a complex 3D habitat supporting high levels of diversity and provide ecosystem services to human society. Read more

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