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We have 678 Materials Science PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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We have 678 Materials Science PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Ventilation in underground stations and tunnels

Ventilation systems in underground stations and tunnels consumes significant amount of energy. A large number of stations still suffer from very high temperatures resulting in very uncomfortable conditions in hot weather seasons. Read more

Elastic wave propagation

We have built our world out of steel, concrete, and other stiff solids. How well these structures endure depends on the tension and strains they are under, which are closely related to the material’s elastic behaviour. Read more

Modelling of machining induced damage in Additively Manufactured aerospace parts

Additive Manufacturing techniques have attracted many attentions in the aerospace and automotive industries. This is due to the provided flexibility to generate complex geometrical features in the manufactured components. Read more

Understanding the biomechanics of vibro-tactile perception

This project will build on previous research within the department to measure the ability of different users to perceive and respond to vibro-tactile interfaces (such as those used in phones and tablet devices). Read more

Use of surface textures to improve tactile perception

Many human interactions with objects and surfaces rely on perception of the tactile interface. This could be when gripping objects with hands, or controlling walking movements through the physical feedback felt through the soles of the feet. Read more

Examining the mechanical behaviour of human skin under loading

This project will build on previous research within the department to measure the mechanical response of human skin and near-surface human tissue systems to normal and shear loading. Read more

Natural Laminar Flow Wing Design and Optimisation

This study will investigate the design and optimisation of NLF wings for transonic flow. The stability of the boundary layer around the wing including cross flow instability and attachment line instability will be studied. Read more

Computational Mechanics of Fracture on Advanced Composite Aerospace Structures

Over the last decade there has been a significant increase in the use of composite laminates in the aerospace industry in a drive to reduce weight and as a result to reduce emissions. Read more

High Speed Stereo Imaging Techniques for Flame Studies

Turbulent flames are inherently 3D in nature, which demands for 3D diagnostic techniques. Digital 3D stereo imaging techniques have progressed significantly in recent years due to the advancement of digital imaging technique and computing power. Read more

Flame and Acoustic Wave Interactions

Thermoacoustic instability is an unresolved problem in combustion devices such as gas turbine and jet engine. When the acoustic pressure is coupled with the heat release fluctuation, very strong oscillation may occur, which may even damage the hardware component to cause high losses. Read more

Experimental Investigation of Impinging Flames

Impinging flames are of interest to both the fundamental understanding of combustion phenomena and the practical applications. To understand the interaction of flame and wall will help the design of better combustion devices, improving the combustion efficiency and lengthening the life span of a combustor. Read more

Flame Dynamics at Elevated Pressure

Many combustion devices such as a gas turbine combustor are working at high pressure. To know the flame dynamics at elevated pressure is of great importance. Read more

Manipulation Modelling

This projects builds on another recent project to model human hand interactions with packaging. The use of finite element techniques will be used to further develop a human hand model with key features to show how loading, dimensions and grip affect the forces the hand joints experience. Read more

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