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Materials Science (composites) PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

We have 35 Materials Science (composites) PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships



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We have 35 Materials Science (composites) PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Centre for Doctoral Training in Composites Science, Engineering and Manufacturing (CoSEM CDT)

Centre for Doctoral Training in Composites Science, Engineering and Manufacturing (CoSEM CDT). Four-Year PhD Advanced Composites ProgrammeCentre for Doctoral Training in Composites Science, Engineering and Manufacturing (CoSEM CDT). Read more

Compression Failure in Fibre Reinforced Composites

We are seeking talented researchers in materials and composites to join the highly creative and interdisciplinary NextCOMP programme team which is fundamentally redesigning high performance composite materials. Read more

Fatigue and Fracture of Fibre Composites

Aircraft manufacturers are now competing based on their aircraft’s fuel efficiency due to the high cost of aviation fuel. As a result, in recent years, these manufacturers have turned more and more to the use of lightweight composites in their designs for almost every component of their aircraft. Read more

Advanced design of fibre reinforced composites - using multiscale reliability analysis and optimisation

This project aims to advance the design of components made from fibre reinforced composite materials, by combining techniques in multiscale analysis, structural reliability and design optimisation. Read more

Optics-based distributed magnetic field and temperature sensor

A fully funded PhD scholarship is available for researching and developing composites and devices for fibre-optic based magnetic field and temperature sensors at the Robinson Research Institute [1], Victoria University of Wellington, Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Read more

Thermal and mechanical properties of ceramic composites

The project. SiC-based ceramic-Matrix Composites (CMCs) are considered to be one of the prime structural materials to replace metals for certain applications in harsh environments in nuclear fission and fusion reactors. Read more

Improving the mechanical properties of carbon fibre composites via inkjet printed polymer inclusions

Carbon fibre composites have been toughened, and strengthened, by using inkjet printing to deposit discrete droplets of polymer onto the pre-preg that is used to produce the final composite material. Read more

Mechanics of soft solids and structures under large deformation

Background. Solid materials that can undergo large deformations are ubiquitous in nature and are widely used to manufacture engineering components, devices and structures. Read more

Computational modelling of composite plates and shells using data-driven approach (Advert Reference: RDF22/EE/MCE/NGUYEN)

Recent report from Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and Innovate UK in July 2021 revealed that the UK composite end-product market in 2019 was estimated at £2.8B and expected to grow to £4.3B by 2035. Read more

Tailoring the Thermomechanical Properties of High Performance Aerospace & Automotive Composite Materials

Interested in high performance, lightweight composite materials? Take advantage of the fact that companies in the aerospace and automotive sectors are currently looking for good materials scientists and engineers with a composites PhD!. Read more

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