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We have 20 Mechanical Engineering (aerodynamics) PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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SCENARIO: The effect of non-neutral winds on wind power aerodynamics (ref. SC2022_28)

According to the UK government, offshore wind is intended to deliver 40GW of by 2030. As our society becomes ever-more dependent on wind power, it is increasingly important to gain a deeper understanding and more accurate predictability of our wind power availability to guarantee a greener future. Read more

SCENARIO: The aerodynamics of skyscrapers: tall building clusters and the urban environment (ref. SC2022_15)

By 2050 our cities will host 68% of the world’s population, compared to the current 54%, and 33% in the 1960s. This increase is often accomplished by the proliferation of tall buildings (TBs) that maximise the provision of housing and commerce using a limited street-level footprint. Read more

CFD Study of Wind Turbine Aerodynamics

Wind turbine is the main technology that converts wind energy to electricity. The interaction between air flow and the turbine blade are critical to the structure integrity and noise generation of the turbine. Read more

Development of Systems Modelling Methods for Aerodynamic Control in Very Low Earth Orbits

Operation of spacecraft in very low Earth orbits (VLEO), those below 450 km in altitude, is generally avoided due to the significantly increased atmospheric density and therefore aerodynamic drag that either requires propulsive compensation or can critically limit the operational lifetime of the satellite. Read more

Application of non-linear boat-tail configurations to the drag reduction of commercial road vehicles

The optimisation of the aerodynamic drag of road vehicles is a very important research area both economically and ecologically. Within the UK, these vehicles continue to be the largest contributor within the transport sector to greenhouse gas emissions, constituting 28% of all emissions in 2018. Read more

High resolution methods for assessment of heat loss from plants and arrays of buildings.

PROJECT SUMMARY.  . With this project, we propose an investigation into a variety of dynamics and effects produced by the interaction of an array of buildings (or a set of heat sources in an industrial plant or in a power plant) with a cross flow (horizontal wind). Read more

Data-Driven Analysis for Reducing Turbulence-Generated Noise using High-Fidelity CFD

Applications are invited for a 4-year UK PhD studentship for the project titled “Data-Driven Analysis for Reducing Turbulence Noise using High-Fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)” in the group of Dr Zhong-Nan Wang at the University of Birmingham. Read more

Autoignition and Turbulent Flame Structure of Jets under Cross Flow Conditions

The impact of thermos-physical-chemical property variations of drop-in-fuels on mixing, ignition and flame structure will be rigorously investigated under cross-flow conditions using various optical and laser diagnostics methods. Read more

Noise reduction of Urban Air Mobility Vehicles using CFD

Urban air mobility vehicles (UAMVs) offer an opportunity to utilise airspace to vastly increase transport capacity and provide near door-to-door service. Read more

Computational analysis of the flow through aerofoil cascades

One of the major global concerns is the environmental pollution from the burning of fossil fuels, and there is a growing awareness of the impact of emission from the shipping industry using fossil fuel as a power source. Read more

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