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We have 194 Mechanical Engineering PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for UK Students






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Mechanical Engineering PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for UK Students

We have 194 Mechanical Engineering PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for UK Students

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Digital Hydraulics for Green Hydraulic Fluid Power Machines

Hydraulic fluid power is used in a variety of sectors that are important to the UK, including robotics, transportation, oil & gas, and machinery for industry, construction and agriculture. Read more

Design and control of intelligent soft actuators and robots

Soft actuators and robotic devices can be considered as soft systems that aim to use highly compliant materials with elastic moduli that are comparable to soft biological materials and human tissues (kPa–MPa). Read more

Artificial Intelligence for Soft Robots

Animals exploit soft structures to move smoothly and effectively in complex natural environments. These capabilities have inspired robotic engineers to incorporate soft actuating technologies into their designs. Read more

High-speed propulsion system aerodynamics PhD

Applications are invited for fully funded PhD studentship in the area of experimental aerodynamics for high-speed flows within the Centre for Propulsion an Thermal Power Engineering Centre at Cranfield University. Read more

PhD Studentship in Laser processing of challenging materials

Applications are invited for a research studentship in the field of laser processing of materials (graphene-enabled laser joining and repairs) leading to the award of a PhD degree. The post is supported by a bursary and fees (at the UK student rate) provided by the PhD Scholarship of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Read more

Development of robotic printable long-life mortar system

Modern Methods of Construction has revolutionised the masonry based construction industry. Flat pack structural forms are manufactured in factory, transported to site and lifted in place, to finish medium to high rise buildings within weeks. Read more

Assembly and Robotics Innovation in Steel Building Erection (ARISE)

This exciting project unites economists, civil engineers, computer scientists, robotics experts and safety specialists across a number of countries to consider the development and introduction of a new type of structural steel connection that is designed for rapid assembly, disassembly, and robotic assembly. Read more

University of Bath URSA project: Hydrogen Combustion and its Application in Net Zero Propulsion Systems

This project is one of a number that are in competition for funding from the. University of Bath URSA competition. Project. In the foreseeable future, hydrogen will play an increasingly significant role in the transition to green economies and sustainable societies. Read more

Development of integrated microfluidic chips for making mRNA nanomedicines

Project. Recent mRNA vaccine success has heralded a new era of RNA nanomedicines. We are pleased to announce a fully funded PhD position with a scholarship focused on the development of integrated microfluidic chips for making mRNA nanomedicines. Read more

Aerostructural optimisation of ultra-high aspect ratio wings

Supervisory Team.           Prof. Ali Elham. Project description. To meet the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement, aviation (~3% of human global CO2 emissions) must do its share. Read more

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