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We have 70 Mechanics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students






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Mechanics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students

We have 70 Mechanics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students

Optimization of Superconducting Devices by Mean of Quantum Field Theories

Leaning on the zero resistance properties of superconductors materials, superconducting technology has garnered considerable theoretical and practical interest, with applications spanning the areas of quantum computing, ultra-high precision sensing and quantum metrology. Read more

Metamaterials PhD Studentship - 2023/24 entry

Exeter's Centre for Metamaterials Research and Innovation (CMRI) is a community of academic, industrial, and governmental partners that harnesses world-leading research excellence from theory to application, and enables simulation, measurement, and fabrication of metamaterials and metamaterial-based devices. Read more

Non-linear cochlear mechanics: Models and measurements

Supervisory Team.   Ben Lineton. Project description. The mechanical response of the cochlea to sound exhibits an intriguing array of different non-linear phenomena, involving interactions across time and frequency. Read more

Modelling the Role of Hard Particles in Hard Facing Alloys

Supervisory Team.   Robert Wood, Georges Limbert and Dave Stewart (RRSL). Project description. Hard facing alloys, such as those used in nuclear power plant, are composite materials comprising carbides (and other hard phases), in galling resistant metallic matrices. Read more

Data centric modelling of adhesive wear

Supervisory Team.   Robert Wood, Jo Grundy and Dave Stewart (RRSL).  Project description. The occurrence of adhesive wear between sliding surfaces can cause high friction, vibration, material transfer between surfaces and even seizure of components. Read more

Modelling and performance evaluation of an electromagnetic self-reversing screw-based regenerative shock absorber

Supervisory Team.   Mohamed M. Torbati, Tim Waters. Project description. Only a small fraction of the available vehicles’ fuel energy is used for driving the car itself and the rest is lost to engine and driveline inefficiencies or used to power accessories. Read more

Embedded Sensing, Actuation and Control for Robust Lightweight Structures

The project. Imagine a network of sensors and actuators embedded in a thin-walled composite structure, with this network able to estimate the current state of the structure (deformation and stability) and apply active or automatic control to tailor the structural shape and stiffness. Read more

PhD in Mechanical Engineering - Simulation-augmented mechanical characterisation of cells

The James Watt School of Engineering of the University of Glasgow is seeking a highly motivated graduate to undertake an exciting 3.5-year PhD project entitled "Simulation-augmented mechanical characterisation of cells". Read more

Control of Membrane Fouling by Vibrations

Supervisory Team.   Dr Anatoliy Vorobev, Dr Zheng Jiang, Dr Peter Glynne-Jones. Project description. Membrane filtration has emerged as an essential component of industrial processes that involve separation (or purification) of substances. Read more

Gravity separation of emulsions. Collisions of droplets

Supervisory Team.   Dr Anatoliy Vorobev. Project description. The separation of colloidal systems under the influence of gravity is a physical phenomenon encountered in a myriad of industrial processes throughout the food, chemical, petroleum, and hydrometallurgical industries. Read more

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