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We have 79 Mechatronics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships






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Mechatronics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 79 Mechatronics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Are you passionate about engineering and interested in the field of mechatronics? Pursuing a PhD in Mechatronics could be the perfect opportunity for you to delve deeper into this exciting and innovative field.

What's it like to study a PhD in Mechatronics?

Studying a PhD in Mechatronics is a thrilling journey that combines mechanical engineering, electronics, computer science, and control systems. As a mechatronics researcher, you will have the chance to explore cutting-edge technologies and develop advanced systems that integrate mechanical components with intelligent control systems.

During your PhD, you will work closely with experienced faculty members and industry experts who will guide you through your research. You will have access to state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities, allowing you to conduct experiments, build prototypes, and test your innovative ideas.

In addition to your research work, you will also have the opportunity to attend conferences, present your findings, and collaborate with other researchers in the field. This will not only enhance your knowledge but also expand your professional network.

Entry requirements for a PhD in Mechatronics

To pursue a PhD in Mechatronics, you will typically need a relevant undergraduate and/or postgraduate degree in engineering or a related field. Most universities require a minimum of a 2.1 Honours degree, although specific requirements may vary.

In addition to academic qualifications, research experience and a strong research proposal are often considered during the application process. Demonstrating your passion for mechatronics and showcasing any relevant projects or publications will greatly strengthen your application.

PhD in Mechatronics funding options

Funding for PhDs in Mechatronics may be available from various sources, including governments, universities and charities, business or industry. See our full guides to PhD funding for more information.

PhD in Mechatronics careers

A PhD in Mechatronics opens up a wide range of exciting career opportunities. With your expertise in integrating mechanical, electrical, and computer systems, you can work in industries such as robotics, automation, aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing.

You may find employment as a research scientist, a development engineer, or a project manager in both academia and industry. Your advanced knowledge and problem-solving skills will make you a valuable asset in designing and developing innovative technologies.

Furthermore, a PhD in Mechatronics can also lead to teaching and academic positions, allowing you to share your knowledge and inspire the next generation of engineers.

Embark on a journey of innovation and discovery by pursuing a PhD in Mechatronics. Expand your knowledge, contribute to groundbreaking research, and unlock a world of exciting career opportunities in the field of engineering.

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Three-dimensional hybrid composites for repair and recycling PhD

This PhD research opportunity focuses on the development of self-healing three-dimensional metal-composite hybrid materials. These will use through-thickness reinforcement to embed metallic elements, acting as a means of targeted heat introduction, to activate re-processable matrices like thermoplastics or vitrimers. Read more

Portable and Noninvasive Assessment of Cerebral Haemodynamics for Critical Care

Healthcare represents a complex and global scientific challenge that demands an integrated approach, combining expertise from diverse fields such as medicine, technology, economics, and social sciences. Read more

Electronically Controlled Adaptive AM Heat Exchanger (eHEX)

Electronically Controlled Adaptive AM Heat Exchanger (eHEX). The Postgraduate Research Programme Innovation in Digital Manufacturing and Design (IDMD) offers 12 PhD research scholarships in 12 separate projects to commence in 2024. Read more
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PhD in Mechanical Engineering Project TEAR: Developing super-miniature sensors to measure vitreoretinal traction during vitrectomy

Award Summary. 100% fees covered, and a minimum tax-free annual living allowance of £18,622 (2023/24 UKRI rate). This studentship is open to home and international applicants and will be based in the Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in the new Stephenson Building at Newcastle University. Read more

Ionogel Based Self-Powered Wearables for Energy Efficient e-health Monitoring

The Postgraduate Research Programme MedAgriTech AI eXcellence (MATX) offers 12 PhD research scholarships to commence in 2024. Each project will include an enterprise placement of minimum 12 weeks duration. Read more

Adaptive Control of Robotics for Assembly in Space Applications.

The Postgraduate Research Programme MedAgriTech AI eXcellence (MATX) offers 12 PhD research scholarships to commence in 2024. Each project will include an enterprise placement of minimum 12 weeks duration. Read more

Generative AI for the Next Generation of Manufacturing Automation Systems PhD

The application of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twin, blockchain, and the internet of things are growing fast, and their integration with complex manufacturing systems enables effective digitalisation and automation transition. Read more

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