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We have 22 Meteorology PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

Multi-measurand Optical Fibre Sensors

PhD Studentship. Multi-measurand Optical Fibre Sensors. Applications are invited for a 3-year fully-funded PhD studentship in the School of Metallurgy and Materials in the area of optical fibre sensors for harsh environments. Read more

Machine learning and AI for healthy building design

Building design and performance has a vital impact on the occupants’ productivity, health and wellbeing, and therefore directly linked to the economic cost of the organizations and companies. Read more

Steppe fires, dust storms and deposition of the light-absorbing impurities on the Tien Shan glaciers

The project aims to assess the influence of the wildfire on the development of dust storms in the steppes of Central Asia and north-western China and evaluate the combined input of the wildfire and dust storms on the deposition of the Light Absorbing Impurities (LAI) on the snowpack and glaciers in the Tien Shan Mountains. Read more

Maximising the value of observations for forecasting intense rainfall

With increasing computer power, the resolutions at which we are able to forecast the weather are ever increasing. We are now closer to achieving the ambition of resolving fine (100 metre)-scale convection allowing for accurate forecasts of intense and damaging rainfall. Read more

Improving the usefulness of tropical cyclone forecasts for early humanitarian action

Tropical cyclones are one of the most powerful and destructive weather systems on Earth. Every year, around 80 tropical cyclones form around the globe, and they can have devastating impacts if they reach land - bringing strong winds, and floods from torrential rain, river flooding and storm surge. Read more

Jet Stream Variability

One of the key drivers of weather and climate (on any planet with an atmosphere) is the state of the jet stream. The jet stream is not a steady and continuous flow of air; it is highly variable in both space and time, with many timescales (from a few days to several months) interacting nonlinearly. Read more

Improved time-stepping schemes in weather and climate models

"The task of predicting weather and climate may be reduced to the following iterative procedure. First, given the state of the system at any time (the input), use the governing equations to compute the state at a slightly later time (the output). Read more

Understanding historical climate change using multiple data sources

Background. Understanding how temperatures have changed since the start of the industrial revolution is key to understanding how human activity is likely to shape future climate, as well as for the evaluation of climate model simulations. Read more

Climate change influences on landsliding in the British Isles

Climate change predictions for the British Isles generally indicate that there will be higher winter rainfall in future, but with more frequent high intensity rainfall events at any time of year. Read more

PhD in snow microphysics

The formation and evolution of ice particles (snowflakes) in clouds is an important problem in atmospheric physics. Ice particles in clouds influence the radiation budget of the earth. Read more
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