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We have 126 Nanotechnology PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Using the Ionic Liquid Ion Sources for Focused Ion Beam applications: Investigating the fundamentals

  Research Group: Astronautics
Supervisory Team:  Dr Charlie Ryan, Dr Oleg Buchnev (ORC). Project description. Gallium Liquid Metal Ion Sources (LMIS) are the standard choice for ion beam material etching, facilitating ion beam lithography as the go-to technique for in situ microfabrication. Read more

Wrapping virus-like particles in polymer films using protein-carbohydrate interactions

  Research Group: School of Chemistry
Polymer films are widely used as barriers to protect objects from their environments or improve their performance.? What if tiny nano- or micron-sized objects could also be wrapped in thin layers of polymer films? Would they also gain benefits from their inclusion in wrappers in the same ways as macroscopic objects do? These questions lead to tantalising possibilities. Read more

Functional Self-Cleaning Composites

Inspired by the exceptional self-cleaning properties in nature such as the Lotus leaves and the pitcher plants, superhydrophobic and omniphobic surfaces are developed for many applications such as anti-corrosion, anti-icing and anti-bacterial. Read more

A 3-year PhD studentship in the Next Generation of Eco-friendly and high-performance Solar Cells

Applications are invited for a 3-year funded PhD studentship to join the Functional Materials and Optoelectronic Device group led by Dr Mojtaba Abdi-Jalebi at the Institute for Materials Discovery (. Read more

Bioinspired materials: strong and self-healing polymer materials

Biomaterials, for example bone and skin have a remarkable capacity to self-heal. These natural materials are hydrogels, however synthetic hydrogels cannot perform the same task as they are inherently weak and not usually self-healing. Read more

Design of Artificially Nano-structured Materials for Three-dimensional Electrodes and Catalysts (Advert Reference: FAC21/EE/MPEE/HODaniel)

Developing highly active, and low-cost electrocatalysts with superior durability for both the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) is a grand challenge to produce clean hydrogen through the electrolysis of water. Read more

Micro-manufacturing of surface textures for enhanced electrosurgery

3 years full time 1st April 2021, 1st July 2021 or 1st October 2021. Electrosurgery is a medical procedure that uses an alternating and high frequency current (200 kHz-3.3 MHz) to either cut and/or coagulate tissues and achieve haemostasis. Read more

Optimal Design of Nacre-like materials

Natural living materials, such as nacre or seashells, are biological and hierarchical composite materials, They are made of very strong and stiff nano-sized single crystal mineral plates embedded in a very soft and ductile protein matrix material. They have excellent mechanical properties in strength, stiffness and fracture toughness. . Read more

Stackable Nanophotonic Metamaterials for Imaging (ENG 1478)

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham is seeking an enthusiastic, self-motivated student who enjoys working as part of a team to undertake a PhD in the Optics and Photonics Research Group (OPG), supervised by Dr. Read more

3D printed electronics

A 3D printer has been developed by the group that combines unprecedented three-dimensional control and material flexibility, to culminate in a new process for 2D patterning and 3D printing of polymeric, organic, semiconducting, or metallic materials into complex shapes. Read more

Advanced sensing platforms

The Raman spectroscopy technique provides a ’spectral fingerprint’ of a molecule that can be used for analytical proposes in a variety of application. Read more

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