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We have 56 Neurology PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Functional analysis of a mutation in the SCN1A gene associated with Dravet syndrome

Sodium current through Nav1.1 channels plays an important role in neuronal depolarization. Mutations in the SCN1A gene encoding the structure of the α-subunit of Nav1.1 channels are the most common cause of monogenic epilepsy, which can manifest itself in its most severe form as the so-called Dravet syndrome. Read more

Neuronal excitability and its changes caused by a pathology

Adequate excitability is a basic parameter determining the physiological level of nerve tissue activity. Increased and decreased neuronal excitability can thus have a significant impact on the function of nervous tissue and is the basis of a number of neuropsychiatric diseases. Read more

PhD in Systems Medicine

The PhD Program aims to train young and motivated researchers in the wide field of modern Biomedicine, with curriculum in Molecular Oncology, Computational Biology, Human Genetics, and Medical Humanities. Read more

Developing and characterising NOn-mammalian Pre-clinical screening Tool for Ischaemic Stroke research (NOPTIS)

The . Centre for Inflammation Research and Translational Medicine.  at Brunel University London is offering a fully funded Dean’s PhD studentship to investigate immune responses and inflammation in stroke. Read more

Sedentary Behaviour and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Individuals with a Spinal Cord Injury

The . Centre for Physical Activity in Health and Disease.  at Brunel University London is offering a fully funded PhD studentship to investigate the effects of sedentary behaviour interventions on cardiovascular disease risk in individuals with a spinal cord injury (SCI). Read more

Run for Your Life: Leveraging Exercise to Protect Against Dementia

Supervisors. Professor Hugh Piggins, University of Bristol, Professor Jon Brown, University of Exeter, Dr Lukasz Chrobok, University of Bristol, Dr Pi-Shan Chang, University of Bristol. Read more

Assessing the prospective utility of AlzoSure® Predict in a UK clinical research cohorts to assess risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Commercial partner: . Diadem Research Ltd. , London. The proposed project is in the field of neurodegeneration and fits within the MRC strategic theme of prevention and early detection, facilitating earlier diagnosis and improved clinical management. Read more

Development of a digital behavioural intervention to reduce dementia risk in ageing adults

Commercial partner: . Five Lives SAS. , London. This programme offers an exciting opportunity for multi-disciplinary research, working with a dedicated team of scientists, clinicians, and informaticians, to address the UK’s #1 public health problem, dementia. Read more

Axon Degeneration Mechanisms in Human Disease

Research in our laboratory showed that a preventable mechanism of axon degeneration, known as programmed axon death or Wallerian degeneration, is shared by injury and disease, and is regulated by NAD and related metabolites. Read more

Development of an automated CT-brain analysis tool

Commercial partner: . Brainomix. , Oxford. Background. CT-brain imaging is the standard brain imaging modality used in the NHS and globally and is cheaper and better tolerated than MRI particularly in older, frail, multimorbid patients in whom MRI may be contraindicated. Read more

Biozentrum PhD Fellowships in life sciences

The Biozentrum of the University of Basel, Switzerland, announces the opening of the Summer Call 2022 for the Biozentrum PhD Fellowships. Read more

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