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We have 17 Business & Management PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Nottingham

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Future of global sustainability: A new perspective for post-COVID multicultural business

Covid-19 has changed the global landscape of businesses swiftly and many transport companies have started focussing mainly on moving basic commodities such as food, medicine, and clothing around the globe. Read more

Learning to Change: Embedding Carbon Management in UK-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are at the heart of the UK economy and increasing attention is being given to their carbon emissions impact. In the UK and EU, most business organisations are SMEs (over 95%) employing a high percentage of people and accounting for around half (43-53%) of greenhouse gas emissions by businesses. Read more

Respond, reset, recover: the impact of COVID-19 on the VCSE sector

Covid-19 had a dramatic impact on the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector. The initial lockdown was estimated to have cost the sector £4.3bn meaning that income went down at the time when demand was rising. Read more

Organisational knowledge networks

Although organisations recognise the strategic importance of managing knowledge, employees often struggle to form healthy knowledge networks finding it difficult to access and use known knowledge. Read more

Leveraged Lending, Risk Taking and Financial Stability

Ultra-low interest rates have fuelled a surge in leveraged loans in recent years, and regulators are concerned that large debt loads could become unmanageable, accelerating the decline of heavily indebted companies and potentially exposing banks to losses. Read more

Corporate purpose and the quest for organizational resilience

Various indicators testify to an increased attention of the corporate world to corporate purpose defined “a concrete goal or objective for the firm that… Read more

How do international workers ‘negotiate’ care(er) responsibilities?

Recent global phenomena (e.g., COVID-19, Brexit, etc.) have seen significant socio-cultural, political, and economic changes shifts, affecting who we consider as international workers. Read more

Women entrepreneurship and informal financing in developing economies

Knowledge about the financial services landscape of most developing countries is very limited and yet, approximately 60 percent of women entrepreneurs in that region rely on informal finance as a source for their start–up capital (World Bank Group, 2017). Read more

International Business Research – Trade-Offs and New Realities in Decision-making of People, Firms and Countries

Recent events such as Covid-19, climate change urgency and digital transformation brought about debates on the future of globalisation and the impact on economies, people and organisational decision-making structures, cooperation, and competition. Read more

HPWS and SMEs Innovation: A Multilevel Framework of Psychological States, Individual Ambidexterity, and Innovative Work Behaviour

In a rapidly evolving business landscape characterized by uncertainties and ambiguities, no wonder innovation has become an essential prerequisite for organizational survival (Subramaniam and Youndt, 2005). Read more

Consumer misbehaviour and interpersonal mistreatment during service encounters

Recent decades have witnessed an increasing body of academic work examining the less-than-perfect side of service provision, where achieving an understanding of the factors stimulating service failure, and consumer misbehaviour has been gradually prioritised, with much of this work also concentrating on potential recovery strategies and related concepts therein. Read more

Consumer Esport engagement and wellbeing

Esport captures many of the distinguishing attributes of traditional sport with competition, socialisation, fans, spectators, and rivalries, however, is unique due to its reliance on computer mediated interfaces. Read more

Capacity, governance and policymaking in European local government

Local governments in many European countries have experienced severe austerity cuts since the financial crisis of 2008 (Lowndes and Gardner 2016; Cepiku et al 2016; Davies and Blanco 2017; Steccolini et al, 2017). Read more

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