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We have 30 Computer Science PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for European Students (exc UK) in Nottingham



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Computer Science PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for European Students (exc UK) in Nottingham

We have 30 Computer Science PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for European Students (exc UK) in Nottingham

Blending Real and Physical Interaction in Immersive Experiences

Project ID. AAD15. Do you want to work with cutting-edge digital technologies in the new Design and Digital Arts department in Nottingham? In this PhD project, we will combine immersive displays (virtual reality) and rapid manufacturing (such as 3D printing) to create a blended virtual-physical environment. Read more

Quantum computing for computer vision: Quantum predictive sensing

Project ID. SST_CIRC_7. Operating an autonomous vehicle in a space that is shared with humans as well as other automated vehicles requires a robust pipeline for predicting the environment. Read more

Computer vision and robot control for performing on-wing repair of aero-engines - (ENG - 1398X1)

Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC) in manufacturing and On-Wing Technology, The University of Nottingham. Applicants are invited to undertake a 3 year PhD programme in partnership with industry to address key challenges in on-platform manufacturing engineering. Read more

Contextual Multimodal Sensing on tinyML

Project ID. SST_CIRC_8. AI has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, sparking transformations in diverse domains including medical diagnosis, security, robotics, and more. Read more

Freshwater storage at the “roof of the world” under climate change

The Tibetan Plateau, commonly known as the “the roof of the world”, supplies freshwater for nearly two billion people. Water storage is crucial in determining hydrologic transport and water availability but is highly sensitive to climate change. Read more

Cycles in brain networks

Project ID. SST_CIRC_6. The objective of this interdisciplinary project is to study neuroscientific data using tools from mathematics, data science and computer science. Read more

Application of artificial intelligence in the monitoring of zoo animal welfare

Project ID. ARES10. In the face of rapid biodiversity decline, zoos play a key role in wildlife conservation by engaging in specialised captive breeding programmes that maintain genetically diverse and sustainable animal populations that could be reintroduced in the wild. Read more

Co-development of soft robotic clothing for post-stroke motor recovery

Project ID. SST_IMEC_7. This project aims to address the unmet need for an accessible, continuously usable, effective, and personalisable system to assist post-stroke patients with their motor recovery. Read more

Data-driven Distribution Network Modelling for Real-time Control of Low Carbon Technologies

Project ID. SST_IMEC_5. Distribution networks are transforming towards hubs of ever-increasing low-carbon technologies (LCTs) due to growing policy mandates for more sustainable and green energy. Read more

An interdisciplinary and inclusive co-designed solution for an autonomous musculoskeletal surgical platform

Project ID. SST_IMEC_3. Surgical robotics are at the forefront of developments in surgery and are set to transform the surgical landscape by delivering impressive performance through highly precise, rapid, and stable movements and with multiple degrees of freedom when compared to the human hand. Read more

Optimising patient selection for Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s disease using multimodal machine learning

Parkinson’s disease has debilitating motor symptoms of tremor in the limbs, slowness of movement, and freezing, unable to move. A highly effective treatment is electrical stimulation deep in the motor regions of the midbrain. Read more

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