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We have 35 Organisational Psychology PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Nottingham






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Organisational Psychology PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Nottingham

We have 35 Organisational Psychology PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Nottingham

Generational differences in sustainable travel behaviour

A review of the literature suggests even though all generational cohorts exhibit substantially different tourist behaviours, they all want a sustainable tourism experience and pay attention to the sustainability credentials of destinations and service providers. Read more

Women in sports: the experience of working and living in precarity, liminality and exploitation in the gig economy

In the recent years, there has been continuous attention in women’s participation in professional sports (Bowes et al, 2021). Yet, the female athletes continue to experience unique challenges that their male counterparts often do not encounter. Read more

What form and duration of experiential learning optimises graduate outcomes; an impact study of experiential learning opportunities within and beyond the HE curriculum

Many Higher Education institutions, and in particular Business Schools place emphasis on the process of learning by doing, or experiential learning, on the basis that engaging students in hands-on experiences and reflection will enable them to connect theories and knowledge conveyed in the. Read more

Resource shortage and preferences - a study on medicine and vaccine shortages

The research seeks to provide insights into how scarcity shapes human behaviour, particularly in the context of medicine and vaccine shortages, contributing to our understanding of decision-making processes under resource constraints. Read more

Developing tools to support organisations with Net Zero goals

Public and private organisations are now under intense pressure from different stakeholder groups to take more responsibility in reducing the negative impact of climate change and achieving the United Nation’s sustainable development goals (UN SDGs). Read more

Can simulation models influence behavioural change towards climate change solutions in the fashion industry

Climate change is a global threat to humanity today. Many models have been developed to predict global warming and Greenhouse gas emissions, with one example being the EN-ROADS climate simulator. Read more

Mitigating Technostress among Community-Dwelling Seniors: Examining the Role of Proactive and Reactive Coping Behaviours in the Context of XR-Powered Telehealth

The elderly population's unique healthcare needs demand advancements in technology to support independent living. Home care and assisted living, facilitated by XR-powered telehealth, have the potential to enhance health outcomes for seniors (Kim et al., 2023; Margrett et al., 2022). Read more

FDI in Africa and the role of Formal and Informal Institutions

In recognition of the benefits of foreign direct investment (FDI) – an important channel through which resources, human capital and technological progress are transferred between countries – understanding the determining factors of FDI is an important issue from a developing country perspective. Read more

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for a sustainable community in developing economies

Poverty is a significant challenge in developing countries, with large portions of the population living below the poverty line. For example, 12.9% of India's population lives in poverty, while in Nigeria, about 29.5% of the population is impoverished. Read more

Promoting the learning motivation of minority groups in technology firms through AI feedback

Overview and purpose. Large language models, drawing on available data, have the potential to mimic human intelligence, to infer patterns and logical connections and to generate responses that are similar to how a person might respond. Read more

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