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Nursing & Health PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 159 Nursing & Health PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Embarking on a PhD in Nursing and Health invites candidates onto a journey of discovery and innovation at the intersection of clinical practice and healthcare research. These advanced degrees offer a unique platform for students to explore critical issues within nursing, public health, healthcare policy, and patient care outcomes.

Through PhDs in Nursing and Health, candidates have the opportunity to develop and implement research projects that aim to address pressing healthcare challenges, improve patient experiences, enhance healthcare delivery systems, and influence health policy. This path is not merely an academic pursuit; it’s a deeply impactful commitment to advancing the science of nursing and health, contributing to the creation of more efficient, equitable, and compassionate healthcare systems worldwide.

Why complete a PhD in Nursing and Health?

A PhD in Nursing and Health equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute significantly to the fields of nursing and healthcare. These programmes encourage candidates to engage with complex healthcare problems through rigorous research and analytical methods.

By focusing on areas such as health promotion, disease prevention, healthcare technology, and effective management of chronic conditions, researchers can drive forward innovations that have a direct impact on patient care and health outcomes. This level of academic enquiry not only enhances the academic foundation of nursing and health sciences but also bridges the gap between research and practical application, leading to evidence-based improvements in healthcare practices.

In terms of employment, earning a PhD in Nursing and Health opens up a broad spectrum of career opportunities beyond traditional nursing roles. Graduates are prepared to take on leadership positions in healthcare administration, where they can influence policy and decision-making. In academia, they contribute to the development of future nurses and healthcare professionals through teaching and mentorship, while also advancing research in the field.

The expertise gained through these programmes is also invaluable in consultancy roles, advising on healthcare strategies for public and private sector organisations. In addition, the comprehensive research skills and in-depth understanding of healthcare systems make PhD holders attractive to non-governmental organisations and global health bodies, where they can contribute to international health initiatives and policy development.

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2x Fully Funded 3-Year PhD Studentships in the School of Public Health

Imperial College London invites applications for two fully funded PhD Studentships within the NIHR Northwest London Patient Safety Research Collaboration (NIHR PSRC). Read more

Fully-funded QUEX PhD Scholarships

Application Deadline: 28 June 2024
The University of Queensland and the University of Exeter are seeking exceptional students to join a world-leading, cross-continental research team tackling major challenges facing the global community in  sustainability and wellbeing as part of the QUEX Institute. Read more

Physical activity and wellbeing through drumming

Hartpury University is pleased to offer this exciting project examining physical activity and wellbeing using drumming as part of its continued work as… Read more

Inclusive research approaches for people with dementia

There is a need within dementia research for inclusive research approaches for underrepresented groups of people with dementia, focusing on developing innovations in methodology and methods and community and co-production approaches. Read more

A systems approach to implementing digital tools for earlier Alzheimer’s detection in Scottish primary care services

As part of a National Institute of Health Research nationwide study in England exploring the use of new digital assessments for earlier detection of Alzheimer’s disease, we seek a talented and ambitious candidate to manage the set-up and delivery of a newly introduced Scottish study site. Read more

Pre-registration health care students’ experiences of the safe learning environment charter (SLEC)

This PhD proposal will give an opportunity to explore how the current NHS safe learning environment charter (SLEC) is perceived by health care students in terms of impact and support for their education in clinical practice. Read more

Reviewing and optimising the use of electronic prescribing systems to improve medicine safety in integrated care systems

  Research Group: Health Technologies
With a rapidly ageing population in the UK, there is an escalating demand for older care that requires therapeutic drug monitoring with the help of electronic prescribing and record systems (EPRS). Read more

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