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We have 131 Optical Physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Green hydrogen production via photo-chemical reactions at photonic materials

Supervisory Team.   Geoff Hyett, Pier Sazio, Nuno Bimbo. Project description. A PhD position is available as part of a new Centre of Excellence launching soon called Light and Electrochemical Activated Processes for Chemical Industries (LEAP). Read more

Terahertz quantum cascade lasers

  Research Group: School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
The terahertz frequency range sits between the microwave and mid-infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, but has long resisted exploitation owing… Read more

PhD programme in Physics

The PhD involves the completion of an original, scholarly piece of research. The courses available within the PhD programme in physics are in form of lectures, classes, seminars, tutorials, computer labs and others. Read more

Spectroscopy and Modelling of Rare-Earth Ions in Quantum-Information Candidate Materials

Quantum memories based on rare-earth ion dopants are arguably the best available, offering high efficiencies, multi-hour coherence times, and large bandwidth storage of entanglement. Read more

Photonic simulators of quantum mechanics and solid-state physics

Photonic systems offer a highly-controllable platform for the exploration of universal wave phenomena. In this PhD project, you will experimentally and theoretically investigate the use of optical fibre resonators for simulating dynamical wave phenomena at the frontiers of quantum and mechanics and solid-state physics. Read more

Optical tweezers

Optical tweezers use highly focused light to manipulate tiny particles. The Biophotonics laboratory in the physics department is developing optical tweezers for the manipulation of bacteria. Read more

Optical Frequency Combs

Optical frequency combs provide an ultra-precise spectroscopic ruler that allows the measurement of optical frequencies with unprecedented levels of accuracy. Read more

Optical coherence tomography (OCT)

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a real time, non-invasive and non-contact imaging modality for translucent and transparent tissue capable of providing morphological images at the micron scale resolution at more than 1mm depth penetration. Read more

Multi-camera synthetic-aperture imaging

The PhD student will conduct experimental and modelling research into new concepts in computational imaging. This will involve developing and applying new techniques in imaging science, involving optical design and the development of computer algorithms for generation of images. Read more

Novel physics in 2D materials probed in optical spectroscopy with deep sub-diffraction resolution: PhD at the new state-of-the-art £1.5M spectroscopy centre in Sheffield

Atomically-thin layers of two-dimensional (2D) materials can be assembled in vertical stacks (called ‘heterostructures’), which are held together by relatively weak van der Waals forces, allowing for coupling between monolayer crystals with arbitrary lattice constants and mutual rotation, or ‘twist’. Read more

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