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Organic Chemistry (structural biology) PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

We have 17 Organic Chemistry (structural biology) PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships



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We have 17 Organic Chemistry (structural biology) PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Simulation-led investigation and engineering of enzymes involved in abyssomicin antibiotic biosynthesis

Enzymes are remarkable biocatalysts that allow rapid, selective and efficient catalysis under mild conditions. Biotechnology exploits the outstanding rate-enhancing properties of these natural biocatalysts to manufacture high added-value products. Read more

(BBSRC DTP CASE) Towards a photocatalytic carboxylase

Illumination is able to unlock a wide range of photochemical reactions, but light is rarely used by living organisms. In fact, to date only three light dependent enzymes have been described in detail. Read more

PhD in Chemistry: Chemical synthesis and biological evaluation of conotoxin peptides

Peptides derived from natural sources are useful lead compounds to develop therapeutics. The structural diversity of naturally occurring peptides covers a large section of chemical space that sits between more traditional small molecules (. Read more

Novel strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of snakebites

Snakebite envenomation (SBE), a high priority neglected tropical disease affects several million people worldwide resulting in as many as 150,000 deaths and around 500,000 permanent disabilities every year. Read more

WR DTP fully-funded project: Engineering ATP-grasp enzymes for the Preparation of Pharmaceutical Amides

The industrial production of pharmaceutical compounds requires that they are synthesised in a very specific way, and that the methods used, where possible, involve non-toxic materials and the least hazardous conditions. Read more

Novel Chemoenzymatic Approaches to 'Unnatural' Products

This project is available through the MIBTP programme. The successful applicant will join the MIBTP cohort and will take part in all of the training offered by the programme. For further details. Read more

PhD in Chemistry - Functional Protein Ligation Junctions

We have recently developed novel beta turn mimics. See ‘Beta Turn Mimics by Chemical Ligation, Organic Letters, 2020, 22, 11, 4424–4428. These are installed through a chemical ligation procedure, allowing us to join together two protein fragments at the same time as installing the turn mimic. Read more

Using Dynamic Combinatorial Selection Methods to Identify Chemical Modifications of Protein Function

  Research Group: School of Chemistry
This PhD studentship will exploit chemical biology approaches to understand and manipulate the aggregation behaviour of α-synuclein, an intrinsically disordered protein which plays a key role in the neurodegenerative condition. Read more

Lipid and Peptide Synthesis for the Delivery of Therapeutics

A fully funded 4-year PhD studentship is available in the Department of Chemistry to work on a collaborative project with 4basebio on new lipids and peptides for the non-viral gene delivery of synthetic linear DNA (hpDNA) with Professor Helen Hailes and Professor Alethea Tabor, and Dr Heikki Lanckriet at 4basebio. Read more

Exploiting Dynamic Stereochemistry - Mimicking Biological Function in Synthetic Molecular Systems

The project. Exploiting Dynamic Stereochemistry - Mimicking Biological Function in Synthetic Molecular Systems. Biology manipulates information using conformational change to modulate interactions between proteins and other biomolecules. Read more

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