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Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 51 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Embarking on a PhD in Law is an intellectually rigorous journey that positions students at the forefront of legal theory, practice, and reform. These advanced degrees offer a unique opportunity for candidates to delve deeply into the complexities of law as it intersects with society, economy, and politics.

Through PhDs in Law, students engage in in-depth research on diverse legal issues, from international human rights and environmental law to corporate governance and intellectual property. This path is not just an academic pursuit; it’s a quest to contribute to the development of legal frameworks and policies that uphold justice, equity, and the rule of law in an increasingly complex global landscape.

Why complete a PhD in Law?

A PhD in Law gives students the opportunity to make a significant impact on the legal field through original research. These programmes challenge candidates to critically analyse and question existing legal doctrines, to explore emerging legal issues, and to propose reforms that address contemporary challenges.

By focusing on a specific area of law, researchers not only deepen their understanding of legal principles and methodologies but also contribute to the body of knowledge that shapes legal education, practice, and policy-making. The rigorous research environment encourages academic debate, fosters intellectual growth, and hones sophisticated analytical and argumentative skills.

In terms of employment, earning a PhD in Law opens up a wide array of career opportunities beyond traditional legal practice. Graduates are highly sought after in academia, where they can influence the next generation of legal students and practitioners through teaching and research. In the public sector, Law PhD holders play crucial roles in legislative processes, policy development, and government advisory, applying their expertise to inform law-making and public administration.

Similarly, in the private sector, their skills are invaluable in legal consultancy, corporate compliance, and advocacy, where understanding of intricate legal issues and the ability to navigate complex legal systems are crucial. In addition, Law PhDs contribute to the work of international organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and think tanks, where they can effect change on a global scale through research, policy analysis, and advocacy.

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Ph.D. Studentship opportunity in corpus linguistics and safeguarding studies

Applications are invited for a full-time three-year Ph.D. with fees paid for three years and a two-year studentship at Lancaster University starting on 1st October 2024. Read more

Ph.D. Studentship: Mapping and Classifying Global Safeguarding Models

Applications are invited for a full-time three-year Ph.D. studentship at Lancaster University starting on 1st October 2024. Read more

Classifying and Understanding Remedies in Comparative Labour Law

Classifying and Understanding Remedies in Comparative Labour Law (CURE) is a 5-year comparative project, originally funded by the ERC and guaranteed by UKRI, based at the Department of Law, University of Manchester and led by Professor Aristea Koukiadaki. Read more

PhD studentship to research farm tenancies in the North East of England

Award Summary. 100% home fees covered and a minimum tax-free annual living allowance of £19, 237 (2024/25 UKRI rate). Overview. The North East of England has the highest number of farm tenancies in the UK. Read more

International law and the fight against wildlife crime: challenges and perspectives

Wildlife crime is one of the fastest growing transnational crimes in the world generating up to USD 20 billion per year according to INTERPOL behind drug trafficking, human trafficking and illicit trade in weapons. Read more

Swansea University International Postgraduate Research Excellence Scholarships 2024

The Swansea University International Postgraduate Research Excellence Scholarship (SUIPRES) is a competitively awarded scholarship scheme open to overseas PhD and Professional Doctorate applicants, who are eligible for the international rate of tuition fees and can demonstrate excellence in academic achievement. Read more

Postgraduate Research Opportunities in Law

About the School of Law. The School of Law fosters and promotes research in all major fields of legal study. Our research explores contemporary issues across the fields of law and criminal justice, informing policy and practice on a national and international level. Read more

Research Study at the School of Law

The School of Law at the University of Aberdeen is a strong and thriving research community that dates back to 1495, when Law was one of the original subjects taught at the founding of our university. Read more

Law at Queen's: Postgraduate Research Opportunities

We have over 100 years of achievement in both education and research, and we offer PhD supervision across the legal field, supporting a range of approaches--from the doctrinal to the sociolegal, comparative, criminological and critical. Read more

PhD Law

Our PhD Law programme requires an original contribution to the body of knowledge in a particular academic or professional discipline. Read more

Constitutional reform and the case for and against codification

The idea that the United Kingdom’s constitution is under strain is not new, nor is the belief that the accepted norms of the constitution, which are central to the effective operation of our political system in the United Kingdom, are being disregarded by the executive. Read more

UCL SECReT: The International Training Centre for Security and Crime Research Degrees

UCL's Security Science Doctoral Research Training Centre (UCL SECReT) was founded in 2009 with support from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (ESRC) and an array of public and private sector organisations working in crime reduction security and law enforcement. Read more

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