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Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 80 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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School of Law - PhD opportunities available

The University of Aberdeen is one of four ancient universities of Scotland. Law was a founding discipline when the University was established in 1495. Read more

Data-intensive Technologies in Corporate Human Rights Due Diligence: Current Regulatory Challenges and Future Prospects

In the past few years, data-intensive technologies have come to play a critical role in corporate strategy and decision-making processes, such as customer insight and marketing, recruitment, risk management and predictive analytics. Read more

Datafied Policing Technologies, Racial Justice and Human Rights Compliance

The proliferation of AI-propelled, datafied technologies in policing is generating significant scholarly and public concerns over their impact on human rights, and their intersection with racial justice. Read more

The diversity and inclusion implications of global digital platforms (RDF23/EIS/WHALLEY)

In today’s digital enabled economy, technology companies play a key role. Through the provision of services and technologies that have enabled innovative products and services to emerge that have been widely adopted. Read more

The Chancellor’s PhD Scholarships

At the University of Essex we are passionate about our postgraduate research community. Our vision of Essex researchers is one of activists, advocates, change-makers, innovators, reformers and disruptive thinkers. Read more

Rethinking Human Rights Implementation in the Era of Data-Intensive Technologies: Machine-Learning Based Decision Making and the Duties of Public Authorities.

Key words. digital data; law; human rights; machine learning; algorithm; public authorities; public policy. Digital data is an increasingly important asset in UK public governance, with public authorities turning to the exploitation of large-scale databases to provide more effective and efficient service delivery. Read more

Transferring ownership of goods

When the ownership of goods is being transferred, it is important to know the precise point of time at which the transferee becomes owner of the goods, for example in case of the insolvency of one of the parties. Read more

Regulating common property

The person who shares ownership of property along with others is in a somewhat paradoxical position. On the one hand, he or she is owner of the property, with all that implies for his or her right to use the. Read more

Protection of possession

It is a difficult question whether, and to what extent, a legal system should protect the possession of property by someone who may well turn out not to have any right to it. Read more

The Jurisprudence of AI – Towards a natural law approach

A core aspect of understanding the law is jurisprudence. The rise of AI, automation and machine learning has dramatically changed everyday practices in the legal system and the common law as well as parliamentary legislation. Read more

CISRUL PhD Studentship

The Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society, and Rule of Law (CISRUL) studies the life in the world of political concepts. The interdisciplinary Centre examines how political principles function within and beyond the contemporary West. Read more

Vice-Chancellor’s PhD Scholarships (Three-Year, Full-Time mode only)

 . Applications are invited from outstanding applicants of a high calibre to pursue PhD research at Liverpool Hope University in selected areas. Read more

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