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Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 452 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Imaging atomic-level electrochemistry in real-time using 2D material devices

Imaging atomic-level electrochemistry in real-time using 2D material devices. Funded project. You will construct and use a new 2D material heterostructure device to allow the atomic to nanoscale imaging of electrochemical reactions inside a transmission electron microscope (TEM). Read more

Self-regulating, self-cleaning biomaterials

A major problem associated with medical devices is infection. With infection rates of approaching 100% in some devices, ways to prevent formation of bacterial biofilm on medical device surfaces are urgently required. Read more

Develop novel biomimetic antibiofilm surfaces for medical devices

It is estimated that biofilm infections cost about $94 billion p.a. in the United States healthcare system. Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), in hospitals, are estimated to cause additional health-care costs of £1-2.5 billion in the UK alone. Read more

Ultra-low temperature sintering of functional ceramics for energy applications

Cold sintering is a newly emerged technology that utilises a transient transport liquid phase and an applied uniaxial force to densify ceramics at ultra-low temperatures (<300 degrees°C). Read more

Renewable bio-based copolymers for liquid formulations

Modern society is heavily dependent on the ubiquitous use of plastics. Global production of synthetic polymers derived from non-renewable petroleum feedstocks exceeds 350 million tonnes per annum. Read more

Pursue your passion with a funded PhD, Make Portsmouth your place

Your research degree will be the most important work of your life so far – and possibly the most challenging. We're here to help make your research journey an exceptional experience. Read more

Control of Membrane Transport in Polymer Based Artificial Cells

Artificial cell and organelle construction has recently gained substantial attention to generate simplified models for understanding of biological phenomena, or micro- and nanomachines for biomedical and biotechnological applications. Read more

Can dynamic remodelling of fibrin fibres under load account for the remarkable mechanical properties of blood clots?

Please note that this project will be based in the School of Medicine. To fulfil its physiological role as the scaffold of blood clots, fibrin has large extensibility and strain stiffening behaviour, which make it deformable but tough at the same time. Read more

Vapour Deposited Perovskites for High Performance Multi-Junction Photovoltaic Devices

Metal-halide perovskite based solar cells have now achieved a light to electricity conversion efficiency of 26.1%, making them the leading emerging thin-film solar cell material. Read more

LITAC – Regeneration of Polyester Fibres from Used Garments via a New Chemical Recycling Technology

Would you like to utilise your Textile Technology, Chemistry or Biomedical Engineering background to help produce research that will yield significant impact for the globe, helping the UK to meet Sustainable Development Goals? If so, this PhD Scholarship may just be for you. Read more

LITAC - Biodegradable fibres for the sustainable manufacture of antimicrobial face masks

Doctoral research students in LITAC will develop the ability to pursue research that advances the disciplines of textile technology, textile and fashion design, polymer science, and colour science and technology to find solutions to global challenges using advanced research tools and techniques. Read more

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