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We have 55 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships






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Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 55 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences PhD Studentships

The Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) is offering a number of studentships available for PhD applicants wishing to start their postgraduate research degree in September 2024. Read more

Analysing Chinese Philosophy

Ancient Chinese philosophical texts, such as the Mengzi, Mozi, Zhuangzi, and Xunzi, are increasingly being analysed using the resources of contemporary analytic philosophy and logic, opening up new questions and reconstructing the arguments for evaluation. Read more

Pursue your passion with a funded PhD, Make Portsmouth your place

Your research degree will be the most important work of your life so far – and possibly the most challenging. We're here to help make your research journey an exceptional experience. Read more

Theology and Religion - Postgraduate Research Opportunities

At Birmingham we offer promising candidates the opportunity to carry out research in one of the UK's largest and most diverse Departments of Theology and Religion. The knowledge and expertise of our academic staff provides variety and depth of study and encourages multidisciplinary research and postgraduate study across the fields of theology and religion. Read more

Philosophy - Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Philosophy PhD (On-Campus or by Distance Learning). Global Ethics PhD (On-Campus or by Distance Learning). We offer promising candidates the opportunity to study in a department that is strongly committed to delivering the highest quality of philosophical research. Read more

PhD in Interdisciplinary Policy Studies - studentships at King’s College London

The Centre for Public Policy Research at King's College London is currently recruiting UK and International students for our PhD in Interdisciplinary Policy studies supported by the LISS-DTP Social Sciences Studentship Scheme. Read more

Advanced Nordic Articulation via Architecture [naava]

  Research Group: Architecture, Built Environment and Planning
The proposal takes as its point of departure the argument that what was written about Nordic 1960-70s architecture in the 1980s– early 2000s, and photography accompanying it, was circumscribed by particular genres found in British architectural journalism. Read more

Cardiff University School of English, Communication and Philosophy - PhD Opportunities

With its unique mix of disciplines, Cardiff School of English, Communication and Philosophy offers an exciting range of specialised and innovative postgraduate programmes and a dynamic and highly successful research culture. Read more

Arts and Humanities Postgraduate Research, University of Glasgow

Scholarship and funding opportunities. Scholarships and funding opportunities are available for postgraduate research degrees and PhD study in Arts and Humanities at the University of Glasgow. Read more

School of English, Communication and Philosophy

The Linguistics and Bilingualism Pathway of the Wales Graduate School for the Social Sciences (WGSSS) is delighted to offer fully funded WGSSS (ESRC DTP) PhD studentships starting in October 2024. Read more
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Visualisation of Computation

In the early to mid-20th century, several separate research teams made advances on computability, producing different ways of thinking about the fundamentals of computation. Read more

Legal Design, New Technology, and Human Values PhD Law Scholarship

About the Project. We are welcoming applications from prospective doctoral students interested in exploring the intersection of new information technologies, designed legal systems, and changing approaches to norms, values, decision quality or evaluation. Read more

Cognitive Science PhD

RIT's Cognitive Science Ph.D. provides an interdisciplinary study of the human mind that combines insights from psychology, computer science, linguistics, neuroscience, augmented reality, and philosophy. Read more

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