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Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 78 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Embarking on a PhD in Economics propels individuals into the fascinating world of economic theory and policy, enabling them to decipher the complex mechanisms that drive markets, influence consumer behaviour, and shape global economies. This rigorous academic journey challenges candidates to apply quantitative and qualitative research methods to investigate pressing economic issues, from income inequality and fiscal policy to international trade dynamics and financial crises.

A PhD in Economics not only cultivates an in-depth understanding of economic principles but also equips graduates with the analytical tools needed to contribute to impactful economic research, policy-making, and strategic decision-making in a globalised world.

Why complete a PhD in Economics?

A PhD in Economics offers an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to the field through original research that can influence economic thought and policy. These degrees foster a deep engagement with both the theoretical underpinnings and the empirical realities of economics, allowing candidates to explore a breadth of interests from microeconomic behaviour to macroeconomic policy.

Through these programmes, students develop a nuanced understanding of economic models and the skills to analyse complex data, evaluate policy effectiveness, and forecast economic trends. The collaborative environment of these programmes, alongside access to cutting-edge research tools and methodologies, encourages candidates to push the boundaries of current economic knowledge and to address some of the most challenging economic issues of our time.

In terms of employment, earning a PhD in Economics opens the door to a broad spectrum of career opportunities. Graduates are highly sought after in academia, where they can shape the next generation of economists through teaching and research. Beyond the university setting, PhD holders play crucial roles in government, international organisations, think tanks, and financial institutions, where their expertise informs policy formulation and strategic economic planning.

The analytical and problem-solving skills honed through these programmes are applicable in a wide range of contexts, from economic consultancy and public policy analysis to investment banking and economic journalism. As global economic landscapes continue to evolve, the insights and innovations generated by economists are invaluable in navigating uncertainties and in championing sustainable economic growth and development.

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PhD in Business Administration at Grenoble Ecole de Management

Join the PhD program at Grenoble Ecole de Management and prepare for a career as a faculty member at top international business schools. Read more

Funded Studentship for Applicants with a Link to Cumbria (KEN24/MPEE/HOWATSON)

This opportunity is only available to students classed as UK students. International students are not eligible. Northumbria University is delighted to offer fully-funded three year studentships specific to applicants who have a link to Cumbria. Read more

PhD in Decision Neuroscience - neurocomputational mechanisms of social behaviour

About the project. Applications are invited for a 3.5-year funded PhD studentship in Decision Neuroscience, based at the Centre for Human Brain Health at the University of Birmingham, UK ( Read more

Renewables and the UK Energy Market

PhD in the Engineering Hydrogen NetZero (EnerHy) CDT which is an EPSRC-funded Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) focusing on research and training in the areas of Hydrogen and Wind Energy. Read more

Shaping Protective Behaviour: Optimising the Communication of Climate Change Health Statistics

The Centre for National Training and Research Excellence in Understanding behaviour (Centre-UB) is inviting applications for a Doctoral Studentship in association with our collaborative partner Office for National Statistics to start in October 2024. Read more

A Master of Research in Economics at the EUI

A Master of Research in Economics at the EUI. The European University Institute’s Master of Research in Economics programme is a foundational year of economics in which you will gain a clear understanding of core and modern economics and engage with a range of economic issues facing Europe today. Read more

PhD Economics

Buckingham has a growing and thriving community of research students studying for the PhD in Economics. The Department of Economics has been a key part of the University since its foundation in the 1970s. Read more

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