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We have 61 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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PhD: Co-fermentation in the whisky industry for sustainability and flavour creation

The International Centre for Brewing and Distilling (ICBD) at Heriot-Watt University in association with the Scotch Whisky Research Institute (SWRI) are offering an IBioIC-Industry co-funded PhD project, expected to commence by 30th September 2022. Read more

Exploring the interaction between light intensity and rootzone water deficit stress as a means of improving berry phytonutrient content and Class 1 strawberry yields in TCEA systems

Mark Else (NIAB EMR), Paul Hadley and Carrie Twitchen (University of Reading). Total environment-controlled agriculture (TCEA) systems offer great potential for a consistent supply of high quality and phytonutritious strawberries, provided that initial plant quality is high and growing conditions are fully optimised. Read more

The genetics of flowering in raspberry and blackberry (Rubus) - what makes a primocane?

Suzanne Litthauer, Timo Hytonen (NIAB EMR); Jim Dunwell (University of Reading). Alteration in flowering habit has been one of the most significant innovations in many soft fruit crops, extending the season and allowing the most consistent volumes of supply. Read more

What factors control variation in floral initiation in strawberry?

Dan Sargent, Prof Timo Hytonen (NIAB EMR); Jim Dunwell (University of Reading). The research on the control of meristem fates lacked sufficient attention at the molecular level, despite its large importance in the horticultural industry. Read more

Data Analytics and Sensometrics

We are seeking a candidate for a fantastic opportunity to study for a PhD in  Data Analytics and Sensometrics. We are seeking a PhD candidate for a research project funded by the Riddet Institute (. Read more

Net Zero crops: Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from linseed (PhD)

Agriculture is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, largely driven by fertiliser applications. This includes the production of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas (GHG) approximately 300 times more powerful at driving climate warming than carbon dioxide over 100 years. Read more

Sleep, obesity and cardiometabolic health

Association of sleep, obesity and cardiometabolic health across the life course from childhood. About the research project. Cardiometabolic disease (cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes) is the leading cause of mortality worldwide, with premature deaths preventable. Read more

The Icing on the Doughnut: Exploring the flow properties of complex biomolecules

What if you wanted to really move the needle on health? For a start you’d have to recognise that telling the consumer to change their eating habits hasn’t really worked and it is unlikely it ever really will. Read more

Project at Cranfield University: Carbon sequestration in agricultural soils through silicate weathering

One of the most promising ‘geo-engineering’ methods to mitigate climate change is to capture CO. 2. from the air and react it with silicate rocks to form carbonate rocks, so permanently sequestering the CO. Read more

Project at University of Surrey: Filling the fibre gap: functional and metabolic potential of high amylose wheat

Project description. Wheat is the most widely grown food crop and the most traded cereal in the world today. It is therefore a perfect foundation for raising the nutritional quality of the food supply to help improve overall health of communities worldwide. Read more

Project at Brunel University: Designer plant burgers – use of targeted biochemistry and chemistry to generate flavour (taste and aroma) during extrusion of plant protein

Project description. This is an exciting opportunity to work at the interface of engineering and flavour science to develop and improve the taste of plant-based meat products, providing tasty and sustainable alternatives for flexitarian and vegetarian consumers. Read more

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