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We have 49 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Change your world – choose Glasgow for PhD study

At the University of Glasgow, our aim is to offer the best environment for your talent to flourish. If you have an idea, if you have dedication and passion, you could have what it takes to become a UofG world changer. Read more

Understanding the impact of nutrition on cognitive and cerebral function during episodes of mental stress

The impact of diet on mental health and brain performance is a topic of growing focus and concern. diets rich in saturated fats have been associated with a significant risk for cognitive decline later in life (1,2), whilst healthier diets, rich in plant polyphenols are linked to reduced risk of dementia (3). Read more

Do Whey Protein Supplements Increase the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes?

Evidence from long-term prospective studies indicates that high consumption of some dairy protein products, a rich source of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) is associated with an improvement in glycaemic control and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Read more

High-throughput screening of new bioactive peptides

The opportunity. A fully funded scholarship is available for domestic and international students at the Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Facilitated Advancement of Australia’s Bioactives (FAAB) which is a multi-disciplinary consortium of 4 Universities and 13 Partner Organisations. Read more

Understanding the sensory perception of topically applied products

The cosmetics industry relies on consumer’s evaluation of their products to understand if they are desirable. However, little research exists systematically exploring relationships between sensory perception of tactile properties, consumer liking, emotional response and physical rheology. Read more
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Design of a novel sustainable encapsulation system of water soluble actives for industrial applications

This research project will develop a novel sustainable encapsulation system of water-soluble actives based on user and environmentally friendly materials for industrial applications. Read more

Ethnic-specific markers and mediators of metabolism and disease risk

Globally, cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular are the leading cause of death. These diseases are linked to a person's age, ethnicity, culture, genetics, and lifestyle habits, such as diet and exercise. . Read more


The Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies is one of the six special-statute public universities, known as Scuole Universitarie Superiori (Schools of Advanced Studies) operating in Italy. Read more

Intestinal Microbiome Modulation using Next Generation Probiotics

We are seeking talented, motivated students with a passion for research in microbiology, gastrointestinal health and probiotic delivery led by Dr Richard Horniblow (Associate Professor in Gastrointestinal Biomedical Science) at the College of Medical and Dental Sciences and the University of Birmingham ( Read more

Enhanced variant interpretation for the discovery of mechanisms underpinning Ophthalmic genomic disorders

This project will utilize large genomic sequencing datasets from the 100,000 genomes project and the UK BioBank to understand how genomic variation impacts the development and function of cells vital for correct vision. Read more

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