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We have 221 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Technology assisted Motivational Interviewing and self-regulated learning to enhance physical activity and health outcomes in adolescent cancer patients and survivors

Physical activity has a significant impact on health, with ‘conclusive and overwhelming’ scientific evidence available highlighting physical inactivity as a primary cause of 35 chronic diseases (Boothe et al., 2012) and can be considered a ‘vital sign’ (Golightly et al., 2017). Read more

Psychology PhD

Overview. The PhD programmes in Psychology covers four broad research areas:applied cognition and technology; health psychology; social processes; and Clinical Psychology/Psychopathology. Read more

PhD Opportunities in Psychology at the University of Winchester

Study for a PhD with our passionate and expert Winchester Psychology team. Located in the historic city of Winchester, often considered one of the most desirable places to live in the UK, the. Read more

Bilingualism and multilingualism in young children: Exploring the impact on learning, literacy and communication

Early development in a bilingual or multilingual context presents both opportunities and challenges for a young child. Much of the research on this issue adopts a general perspective on multilingual learners but this project aims to examine issues specific to the particular languages that the child is learning. Read more

Early emotions and concepts about nature arising from play in outdoor settings

A connection between a child’s early language development and the learning environment is well established. What is less clear is the manner in which specific environments affect the linguistic skills of young children with resulting effects on their emotional and conceptual growth. Read more

Testing a dynamic model of radicalisation in individual and society

The project seeks to address radicalisation, an important societal issue which undermines public safety, wellbeing, and the effective functioning of a society. Read more

Scaffolding recovery from alcohol and drug addiction through systematic engagement with pro-recovery online communities

Substance use disorders exact a huge toll on individuals, their families and the community at large. This manifests as increased physical and psychological morbidity and mortality, and greater involvement in crime. Read more

Leeds University Business School/Food Standards Agency PhD Studentship

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) commissioned an innovative study that involved installing motion sensitive cameras in food businesses and domestic kitchens to record and analyse behaviour around food hygiene and safety practices. Read more

The role of far-right narratives in mobilising support for violent political action

The project aims to examine how different types of narratives might energise the supporters of the far-right movement and drive them to engage in political violence. Read more

The roles of social group memberships and identities in gambling participation and harms

Supervisor. Dr Janelle Jones. and. Dr Jessica Agnew-Blais. Funding. GambleAware. Deadline. 29th July 2022. The following fully-funded PhD studentship is available in the School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences with an expected start date of Sept 2022. Read more

Intelligent and multi-modal biometrics

The School of Computing at Robert Gordon University is offering 5 exciting industry-lead PhD studentships for September 2022 (please see other listings). Read more

Elphinstone Scholarship - Student wellbeing: what does this really mean?

This Ph.D is a qualitative case study to explore what is important for students wellbeing and to investigate this through wider aspects and contexts, ie culture, societal, psychological, physical and educational. Read more

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