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We have 17 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Study in English at a top 100 university

We believe that excellence starts with people. Together with our international students and world-renowned scholars, we create a community that strives for innovative thinking, study and research. Read more
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Institute for Sustainable Futures Scholarship

The Institute for Sustainable Futures seeks students interested in PhD research projects which are sustainability solutions-focused, genuinely interdisciplinary in nature, and involve strong partnership working with non-academic partners. Read more
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Exploring reactions under stress in the mantle using mineral analogues

Convection in the Earth’s mantle controls Earth evolution. Different mineral assemblages occur at different depths in the mantle and variations over short distances are detectable as seismic discontinuities, thus providing key information on mantle conditions. Read more

Gather inspiration from scientists in your field and become part of the expert community

Masaryk University is one of the most prestigious and respected higher education institutions in Central Europe. With over 35,000 students, it is also the second largest university in the Czech Republic. Read more

Testing key assumptions in thermochronology: the case of Ar isotopes in muscovite

The University of Geneva, Switzerland has an extremely strong record in Isotope Geoscience, and is supported by in-house world class analytical facilities, including access to the modern and complementary laboratories at the University of Lausanne, which is located 50km away. Read more

Monitoring Buildings, Volcanoes and Seismic Activity Using Large Ring Laser Gyroscopes

Description. Monitoring Buildings, Volcanoes and Seismic Activity Using Large Ring Laser Gyroscopes. A ring laser is a self-excited optical oscillator employing a cavity where the round trip path encloses a finite area. Read more


 The Ph.D. Programmes at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna are designed for talented graduates from around the world, who wish to carry out study and research in an international campus based in Pisa. Read more

PhD programmes conducted at the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences

 PhD programmes conducted at the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences offers premium education and give students the possibility to carry out research on a world-class level in an international scientific environment. Read more

Fully funded PhD Scholarships in the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment

Scholarship opportunities with immediate or early 2022 start for applicants with exceptional tertiary qualifications. PhD research scholarship opportunities exist in the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment, Monash University for, high-quality, dedicated, well-motivated and enthusiastic students. Read more

University of Reading PhD Opportunities

Each year, the University of Reading awards over £8 million of funding in research studentships to home/EU and international students and these great opportunities are open to high quality students for funded research in a wide range of subject areas. Read more

Climate change influences on landsliding in the British Isles

Climate change predictions for the British Isles generally indicate that there will be higher winter rainfall in future, but with more frequent high intensity rainfall events at any time of year. Read more

Improved understanding of the Vaiont landslide based on refined modelling using updated geological information

The Vaiont landslide occurred in 1963 in northern Italy and has perplexed researchers ever since. Recently, however, new geological information and interpretations have led to an entirely new framework for understanding the event. Read more

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