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We have 45 Particle Physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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PhD Studentship in Hybrid quantum communication and sensing networks

One of the most exciting recent developments in physics has been the application of quantum physics to new technologies and the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies is one of the world’s leading centres for research in this area. Read more

Fully-funded PhD Studentship: Low Level RF for the Future UK X-Ray Free Electron Laser

The UK is on a path to building an X-Ray Free Electron Laser (X-FEL). High brightness ultra-fast X-Ray pulses from an X-FEL allow the simultaneous imaging of atomic scale structure, electronic state and dynamics in a material. Read more

Quantum properties of integrated frequency combs for applications in computing, communications and sensing

Start date. 1 October 2022. Duration. 3.5yrs. Project details. Quantum states of light are playing an increasingly important role in the applications of quantum technologies, ranging from secure communications to enhanced computing and sensing (imaging, spectroscopy, etc.). Read more

PhD studentship on the Developing and Operating a Trapped Ion Quantum computer Prototype

We recently invented a method where quantum gates with trapped ions are executed by the application of voltages to a microchip in the presence of a few global radiation fields analogous to the operation of transistors in a classical computer. Read more

PhD studentship on the Construction of the first error corrected quantum computer in the UK

A consortium led by. Universal Quantum. , a University of Sussex spin-out company, has been awarded a £7.5m grant from Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund to build a scalable quantum computer that can correct its own errors and apply this technology to high-impact problems in the aerospace industry. Read more

Advanced optical wireless communications based on deep-ultraviolet micro-LEDs

Start date. 1 October 2022. Duration. 3.5yrs. Description. ‘Micro-LED’ is a revolutionary form of electronic visual display technology, which is semiconductor-based and utilises very high densities of micron-sized LED pixels. Read more

Modelling the Behaviour of Legacy radioactive particles.

An opportunity has arisen to investigate the behaviour of legacy particles within the marine environment of the Pentland Firth. The successful candidate will undertake hydrodynamic modelling to understand how particles of varying compositions move under the combined forces of currents and waves. Read more

Manufacturing Magnetic Nano Structures

EPSRC funded project 3.5 years full time starting October 2022. Magnetic nanostructures can be effectively fabricated from ferrofluids via photolithography and allow for novel nano-scale geometries, properties, and applications in the fields of magnetics, energy, and materials. Read more

Artificial Intelligence at the Electron Ion Collider

  Research Group: Nuclear Physics
The project is focused on the development of novel analysis tools based on Artificial Intelligence to enable new insights from both experimental and computational data while revolutionising the way high-level data analysis is currently done in nuclear and particle physics. Read more

Laser Driven Neutron Sources at High Repetition Rate

Despite the high demand for neutron sources in a wide range of applications from material science to health-care [1, 2], the number of accessible neutron sources has decreased in the last years due to the phasing out of nuclear research reactors. Read more

The Japanese Long-Baseline Neutrino Programme (T2K, SuperKamiokande and HyperKamiokande)

  Research Group: Particle Physics and Particle Astrophysics
The particle physics and particle astrophysics (PPPA) group at the University of Sheffield has a long-standing involvement in Japan’s long-baseline neutrino programme. Read more

PhD programme in Physics

The PhD involves the completion of an original, scholarly piece of research. The courses available within the PhD programme in physics are in form of lectures, classes, seminars, tutorials, computer labs and others. Read more

Silicon Sensor Particle Detectors for the Upgrade of the ATLAS Experiment at the CERN LHC

  Research Group: Particle Physics and Particle Astrophysics
A position is open for an enthusiastic PhD student to conduct research in developing silicon sensor technologies in use at the energy frontier at the ATLAS experiment. Read more

Searching for Higgs Boson Pair Production with the ATLAS Experiment at the CERN LHC

  Research Group: Particle Physics and Particle Astrophysics
It's possible that the 125 GeV Higgs boson discovered by the CERN ATLAS and CMS Experiments is only one of several neutrally-charged Higgs bosons predicted by theories beyond the Standard Model. Read more

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