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We have 54 Particle Physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Searching for Quantization of Space-time with quantum-enhanced interferometers.

  Research Group: Gravity Exploration Institute
Laser interferometers have long been used to probe fundamental physics phenomena, from disproving the existence of the theorized ether well over a hundred years ago to making the first direct detections of gravitational waves in recent years. Read more

PhD studentship on the Developing and Operating a Trapped Ion Quantum computer Prototype

We recently invented a method where quantum gates with trapped ions are executed by the application of voltages to a microchip in the presence of a few global radiation fields analogous to the operation of transistors in a classical computer. Read more

PhD studentship on the Construction of the first error corrected quantum computer in the UK

A consortium led by. Universal Quantum. , a University of Sussex spin-out company, has been awarded a £7.5m grant from Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund to build a scalable quantum computer that can correct its own errors and apply this technology to high-impact problems in the aerospace industry. Read more

Long range detection of alpha particles in air

Project Highlights. Development of novel sensors for long-range alpha detection. Applications to support remote characterisation of nuclear decommissioning environments to reduce the costs and time of decommissioning projects. Read more

PhD student in Diamond Semiconductor Physics

Uppsala University is a comprehensive research-intensive university with a strong international standing. Our ultimate goal is to conduct education and research of the highest quality and relevance to make a long-term difference in society. Read more

Direct Dark Matter searches with LZ detector

The Lux-Zeplin (LZ) experiment is searching for mysterious Dark Matter particles using a Time Projection Chamber (TPC) containing 7 tonnes of liquefied xenon as a target material. Read more

The Japanese Long-Baseline Neutrino Programme (T2K, SuperKamiokande and HyperKamiokande)

  Research Group: Particle Physics and Particle Astrophysics
The particle physics and particle astrophysics (PPPA) group at the University of Sheffield has a long-standing involvement in Japan’s long-baseline neutrino programme. Read more

PhD Studentship in Cavity-QED with multi-species ion crystals

The ICTM-group was established in 2012 at the University of Sussex by Matthias Keller with the intention to investigate and employ the interaction of ions and light and ions with atoms and molecules. Read more
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AI: from high energy physics to medical applications

Artificial intelligence techniques are more and more used in many fields. The Liverpool team working on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been involved for many years in the development and performance evaluation of neural networks applied to high energy physics data analysis. Read more

Reconstruction of Transverse Beam Distribution using Machine Learning

The beam transverse distribution in CERN's high-radiation environment is measured by imaging the light generated by the particle beam hitting a scintillating screen, using cameras produced in-house based on radiation hard tubes. Read more

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