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We have 15 Petroleum Engineering PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Numerical measurements of two-staged gas turbine combustion for hydrogen enrichment of hydrocarbons

Problem. High operating pressures in gas turbine destroys the flame. To investigate the effects of initial temperature, addition of hydrogen and operating pressures above atmospheric in sequential increase up to 32 bar. Read more
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Aero-engine intake Aerodynamic Design and Optimisation PhD

With the continuing need for new air vehicle systems with aero-engines, there is a need for closer integration of the propulsion system and the airframe. Read more

PhD in Novel Techniques for the Application of an Aluminide Coating

This prestigious EPSRC iCASE (Industrial Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering) award, co-funded by the industrial partner, Siemens Energy Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd, provides a four-year fully-funded PhD studentship. Read more

Efficient Compositional Simulation of Reactive Transport in CO2 Storage

CO. 2. injection into geological formations triggers complex physical and chemical interactions at different time and length scales, which are critical to the evaluation of subsurface capacities, operational risks, and storage safety. Read more

Experimental and Simulation Study on Mitigation of Fire and Explosion Using Water Mist

There has been a great deal of interest in the use of water based explosion suppression systems, designed to mitigate or reduce the impact of thermal explosions and their consequential overpressures. Read more

Has the way we teach engineering and science helped to cause climate change?

Since the industrial revolution and the development of the science upon which it was built--equilibrium thermodynamics, chemistry, energy transfer and so on--education in science has tended to introduce key concepts in simplified ways. Read more

Study Engineering in the USA with the George Washington University

Doctoral students comprise the backbone of research conducted at the School of Engineering & Applied Science. Through funding support from faculty, internal and external grants, doctoral students can expect to take 4-6 years to complete the program through coursework, research credits and writing their dissertation. Read more

Simulation, optimization and control of fluid catalytic cracking unit for CO2 minimization

  Research Group: Mechanical and Process Engineering
The simulation model of Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit and many other refinery processes maximise the yields of fuels such as gasoline, diesel, propylene and minimise the yields of CO2. Read more

Feasibility study of heavy metal mining from subsurface reservoirs for renewable energy storage

Heavy metal demand is expected to increase as more of the world turns to electric vehicles and renewable energy storage systems. However, current supply of heavy metals is not sufficient to meet energy transition targets over the next decade due to limited available resources. Read more

AI/Machine Learning for chemical process monitoring and design in the manufacture of green chemicals

At Aberdeen, we have several lines of research around the manufacture of green chemicals. For example, we are building plasma catalysis reactors to reform biomethane and/or carbon dioxide into more valuable chemicals as part of a Leverhulme trust sponsored doctoral training centre. Read more
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