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We have 141 Pharmacy PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students






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Pharmacy PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students

We have 141 Pharmacy PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students

Understanding how formulation parameters influence the performance of novel capsule formulations

Two-piece capsules are used in dry powder inhalers (DPIs) as a single-dose container for powdered pharmaceutical formulations. These formulations contain active pharmaceutical ingredients to treat pulmonary conditions, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Read more

Exploring Innovative Approaches in Chronic Pain: Focus on Neuropathic pain and Spinal Cord Stimulation

Pain can be a debilitating long-term and persistent symptom in many medical conditions, adversely affecting quality of life. Neuropathic pain originates from nervous system damage, resulting in deficits in neural transmission leading to sensory, autonomic, and motor impairment. Read more

Microneedle biosensors for rapid and painless disease diagnosis

This project aims to develop rapid disease diagnostics based on transdermal microneedle biosensors. Disease diagnosis often relies on invasive tissue sampling techniques, such as blood sampling or skin biopsies, in order to extract biomarkers for analysis. Read more

Mechanistic design of effective pharmaceutical cocrystal formulations

It is estimated that more than 70 percent of the compounds in the pharmaceutical pipeline can be poorly water-soluble. Since solid drug forms must dissolve before absorption can occur, strategies to improve drug solubility and dissolution are a continuous need. Read more

Shared decision making and psychosis – whose voice counts in the conversations about stopping or reducing antipsychotic medication

Prescribing antipsychotics has increased steadily in England over the last decade. For serious mental health conditions like schizophrenia, they are prescribed with the view of keeping the patient on them indefinitely. Read more

Novel design and formulation strategies to enhance drug delivery

The main research activities of my research group concern the improvement of traditional drug formulation and development of novel drug and formulation strategies to enhance bioavailability and patient acceptability. Read more

Crystal engineering new, more effective medicines.

RESEARCH PROJECT. To uncover pharmaceutical problems, our team collaborates with a wide range of disciplines, including pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, chemists and engineers at internationally renowned pharmacy departments and at multinational pharmaceutical companies. Read more

The development of new antiviral agents targeting HIV-1

Even before the current global COVID-19 pandemic, the threat posed to human health by viruses was extensive and although significant progress in targeting some viruses (e.g., HIV-1 and hepatitis C) has been made, challenges remain. Read more

Discovering off-target side-effects and drug repurposing candidates using expression perturbation data

The MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol is the leading group for the development and application of causal analysis and evidence triangulation in health research to improve lives. Read more

Small molecule cancer drug discovery targeting resistant disease.

Despite continuous advances in targeted cancer therapy in recent years, there remains a major challenge to combat drug resistance and poor levels of efficacy in areas of unmet medical need, such as advanced colorectal and breast cancer. Read more
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Preformulation study of RARγ and VDR hybrid compounds

The doctoral candidate (DC) will perform preformulation characterisation and development of formulation prototypes at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Ireland. Read more

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