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We have 347 structural PhD Research Projects

Sizing up viruses: application of emerging structural techniques for the characterization of rAAVs

Curious how viruses are used to deliver genetic cargoes to cells? Want to know how we can employ this principle in vaccines and fight cancer? Then this CASE PhD studentship at the University of Leeds, in collaboration with AstraZeneca (Cambridge), might be for you. Read more

Behaviour of additive manufactured aluminium alloy structural components

Additive manufacturing or more commonly known as 3D printing is a manufacturing process that creates three dimensional objects from a CAD model and allows designers to achieve versatile complex and optimised designs whilst minimising waste and labour costs. Read more

Use of Recovered Toner Powder to Enhance Durability, Engineering and Sustainability Performance of Structural Concrete Elements

The working life of reinforced/prestressed concrete elements is often determined by serviceability limit state which is governed by the movement of harmful moisture into the structure and propagating/initiating corrosion of steel reinforcement. Read more

NMR spectroscopy in structural biology

1.) NMR method development. NMR is a versatile technique that is used to study structure, dynamics and various functional aspects of proteins and their complexes with their interaction partners. Read more

Exploiting rare polymorphisms, structural variation, and germline-somatic mutation interactions to explain missing heritability in cancer development.

Understanding cancer heritability has an enormous impact on disease prevention, early detection and tailored treatment. GWAS based on single nucleotide polymorphisms only explain a modest fraction (2-15%) of heritable variation in cancer risk (McCarroll, 2008). Read more

Multi-sensing deterioration monitoring of railway bridges

Rail infrastructure deteriorates with time due to material fatigue, overloading, ground movement and environmental effects. This might affect the serviceability and structural integrity of rail assets, such as bridges, causing major socio-economic disruptions and occasionally life loss. Read more

Characterising the failure and fracture of blast loaded structural materials

Explosions cause high intensity, short duration, loads that can be devastating to their surroundings. Examples include the recent Beirut explosion, the terrorist bombings in Manchester and the detonation of landmines across the globe. Read more

The Investigation of Cold-Formed Thin-Walled Structural Members with Perforations Subjected to Different Loading Conditions

Reference number. SCEBE/21SF/005/MK. Background. Cold-formed steel sections have become competitive structural components in modern building construction due to their inherent favourable characteristics over conventional hot-rolled steel members. Read more

Self Assembling Structural Colour

Structural Colour is everywhere in the natural world, from Bird feathers to Butterflies and even. Plants. In this PhD we would like to develop an understanding of how industrial-grade BCPs can be. Read more

Structural biology of the Ccr4-Not nuclease complex using electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy and integrative modelling

The ultimate goal in molecular biology is to understand normal physiology and disease processes at atomic resolution. Methods such as x-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy have been phenomenally successful in the past decades and continue to be the workhorses of structural biology. Read more

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