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Aeronautical, Maritime and Transport Engineering PhD Research Projects

We have 125 Aeronautical, Maritime and Transport Engineering PhD Research Projects



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We have 125 Aeronautical, Maritime and Transport Engineering PhD Research Projects

Development of a framework for maritime human risk-informed design

Human operators play a crucial role in terms of achieving safe and efficient marine operations. Because of significant human involvement in maritime operations, it is not surprising to observe that when a maritime accident happens it is often attributed to some sort of human error. Read more

PhD Studentship: Safe and Green Search and Rescue Craft

Number of awards. 1. Start date and duration. September 2021 for 4 years. Overview. The RNLI aims to achieve a zero carbon operation by 2050 and this includes the operation of its extensive fleet of rescue craft. Read more

The effects of vibration on medical products transported by drone

Supervisory Team.   Tim Waters, Tom Cherrett. Project description. As part of the National Health Service’s drive to become carbon net zero by 2040, there is a mandate to embrace more sustainable modes of transport such as pedal assist cargo cycles, autonomous ground vehicles and drones. Read more

Room temperature flow forming of aerospace titanium components

CNC-based flow forming is a manufacturing technology for precision forming of cylindrical components. The wall thickness of a cylindrical preform is incrementally reduced by stretching and extruding it out through the application of forming rollers which flow the material along a mandrel. Read more

Aerodynamics and Noise of Next-Generation Distributed Propulsion System

PhD Topic Background/Description. The transportation technology has greatly advanced in the past two decades, leading to rapid development in the area of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), which sees the unmanned aerial vehicles and short-haul electric aircrafts to gradually become an integral part of our daily life. Read more

Analysis and interpretation of human behaviour using artificial intelligence through multi-sensor approach PhD

Introduction . This exciting self-funded PhD opportunity is in the area of computer vision and artificial intelligence to investigate human behaviour and analysis through advanced deep learning algorithms. . Read more

Low-temperature Plasma Technology for Interplanatery Missions

Supervisory Team.   Min Kwan Kim (80%) / C. William Keevil (20%). Project description. This PhD project aims to develop a novel and cost-effective atmospheric pressure plasma-assisted technology to support future planetary exploration missions and human spaceflight. Read more

Optimal Design of Nacre-like materials

Natural living materials, such as nacre or seashells, are biological and hierarchical composite materials, They are made of very strong and stiff nano-sized single crystal mineral plates embedded in a very soft and ductile protein matrix material. They have excellent mechanical properties in strength, stiffness and fracture toughness. . Read more

PhD in Novel Techniques for the Application of an Aluminide Coating

This prestigious EPSRC iCASE (Industrial Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering) award, co-funded by the industrial partner, Siemens Energy Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd, provides a four-year fully-funded PhD studentship. Read more

PhD Studentship Opportunity: Next generation pre-emptive and integrated chassis controllers for high performance passenger cars

In collaboration with McLaren Automotive and involving an internationally leading supervisory team, this PhD project will focus on the development of the next generation of integrated chassis controllers for high performance passenger cars. Read more

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