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We have 55 Architecture & the Built Environment PhD Research Projects

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Neutron activation analysis for heritage science (2021SC45)

The University of the West of Scotland (UWS) is seeking to attract a PhD candidate of outstanding ability and commitment to join its vibrant and growing programme of internationally excellent research. Read more

PhD Studentship Opportunity: Inelastic performance of steel-timber hybrid building systems

Steel-timber hybrid systems can benefit from the synergetic behaviour of two materials combined, providing significant reductions in embodied carbon compared to conventional systems, and have the potential of being reused at the end of life by adopting a design for disassembly strategy. Read more

Micromorphic modeling of mechanical metamaterials: theoretical modeling and numerical simulations

One PhD position is open at TU Dortmund, Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Germany (starting from September 2021). The PhD work focuses on the enriched continuum modeling of metamaterials and the conception of meta-structures that control elastic waves and recover energy. Read more

Towards Net Zero Carbon: Researching and Innovating for Citizen and Business Stakes

ARU’s Global Sustainability Institute and the Faculty of Business and Law (FBL) are progressing ideas to form a new way of enabling existing technologies and know-how to accelerate sustainable solutions for our economy. Read more

Understanding Cultural Legal Studies: Interrogating Legal Meanings in Artistic and Popular Culture

Emerging out of traditions of law and literature, critical legal studies, and law and popular culture, cultural legal studies is an international field that has recently emerged at the cutting edge of the interdisciplinary study of law. Read more

Revealing Abledment: Ableism and the Body Politic

Studies in Ableism (SiA) is now a recognised sub-specialism of critical disability studies and focuses on ways that abledment (the process of being/becoming ‘abled’) is located within societal processes and practices. Read more

School ventilation and indoor environment quality

Children are a particularly vulnerable section of society. They are physiologically less able to regulate their temperature and are more vulnerable to exposure to air pollution than adults. Read more

Climate-resilient architectural and building design: learning from the past

Our climate is changing, and extreme events are becoming more frequent. For example, the UK Climate Projections found that in the UK we will see hotter drier summers and wetter windier winters, and heatwave days in the UK become more frequent and last longer. Read more

Green cities: how our decisions affect landscape biodiversity

  Research Group: Applied Ecology Research Group (AERG)
Research Group. Applied Ecology Research Group. (AERG). Proposed supervisory team. Dr Alvin Helden. Dr Tom Ings. Theme. Smart Cities. Read more

Resilience-based asset management in Integrated Urban Wastewater System (IUWS)

  Research Group: Future Cities Research Network
Research Group. Future Cities Research Network. Proposed supervisory team. Dr Maryam Imani. Theme. Built Environment, . Urban Resilience. Read more

Mitigation, adaptation, built asset management and climate change

  Research Group: Future Cities Research Network
Research Group. Future Cities Research Network. Proposed supervisory team. Prof Keith Jones. Dr Alan Coday. Theme. Smart Cities. Summary of the research project. Read more

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